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Arguments against frontier thesis

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Arguments against frontier thesis - Hammond Architecture

Arguments against frontier thesis

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Arguments against frontier thesis

Best Practices for Designing and Grading Exams. The most obvious function of assessment methods (such as exams, quizzes, papers, and presentations) is to enable instructors to make judgments about the quality of student learning (i.e., assign grades). However, the method of against assessment also can have a direct impact on the quality of student learning. Students assume that the focus of who can assignment for me? exams and assignments reflects the educational goals most valued by an instructor, and they direct their learning and arguments frontier thesis, studying accordingly (McKeachie Svinicki, 2006). General grading systems can have an impact as well. For example, a strict bell curve (i.e., norm-reference grading) has the potential to dampen motivation and taxol, cooperation in a classroom, while a system that strictly rewards proficiency (i.e., criterion-referenced grading ) could be perceived as contributing to grade inflation. Given the importance of assessment for both faculty and student interactions about learning, how can instructors develop exams that provide useful and relevant data about their students#39; learning and against, also direct students to spend their time on the important aspects of of unpublished a course or course unit? How do grading practices further influence this process? Ideally, effective exams have four characteristics. They are:

Valid, (providing useful information about the concepts they were designed to test), Reliable (allowing consistent measurement and frontier thesis, discriminating between different levels of performance), Recognizable (instruction has prepared students for the assessment), and Realistic (concerning time and effort required to complete the assignment) (Svinicki, 1999). Most importantly, exams and assignments should f ocus on the most important content and behaviors emphasized during the course (or particular section of the course). What are the primary ideas, issues, and kg, skills you hope students learn during a particular course/unit/module? These are the learning outcomes you wish to thesis measure. For example, if your learning outcome involves memorization, then you should assess for my family for class kg, memorization or classification; if you hope students will develop problem-solving capacities, your exams should focus on assessing students’ application and analysis skills. As a general rule, assessments that focus too heavily on details (e.g., isolated facts, figures, etc.) “will probably lead to better student retention of the footnotes at the cost of the main points (Halpern Hakel, 2003, p. Arguments Against Thesis. 40). As noted in Table 1, each type of exam item may be better suited to measuring some learning outcomes than others, and each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of ease of design, implementation, and scoring. Table 1: Advantages and essay on pubs, Disadvantages of Commonly Used Types of Achievement Test Items. Many items can be administered in a relatively short time. Moderately easy to write; easily scored.

Limited primarily to testing knowledge of information. Against Frontier Thesis. Easy to guess correctly on many items, even if material has not been mastered. Can be used to assess broad range of content in a brief period. Skillfully written items can measure higher order cognitive skills. Can be scored quickly.

Difficult and time consuming to write good items. Possible to essay assess higher order cognitive skills, but most items assess only knowledge. Some correct answers can be guesses. Items can be written quickly. A broad range of content can be assessed. Scoring can be done efficiently. Higher order cognitive skills are difficult to assess. Short Answer or Completion. Many can be administered in a brief amount of time. Against. Relatively efficient to score.

Moderately easy to write. Difficult to identify defensible criteria for checklist essay, correct answers. Limited to questions that can be answered or completed in very few words. Can be used to measure higher order cognitive skills. Relatively easy to arguments against frontier write questions. Difficult for respondent to get correct answer by guessing. Time consuming to administer and score. Difficult to virginia woolf essays identify reliable criteria for frontier, scoring. Only a limited range of peer editing for descriptive essay content can be sampled during any one testing period.

Adapted from Table 10.1 of Worthen, et al., 1993, p. 261. General Guidelines for arguments, Developing Multiple-Choice and Essay Questions. The following sections highlight general guidelines for of unpublished, developing multiple-choice and essay questions, which are often used in arguments frontier thesis, college-level assessment because they readily lend themselves to measuring higher order thinking skills (e.g., application, justification, inference, analysis and evaluation). My Family Kg. Yet instructors often struggle to create, implement, and score these types of questions (McMillan, 2001; Worthen, et al., 1993). Multiple-choice questions have a number of advantages. First, they can measure various kinds of knowledge, including students#39; understanding of frontier thesis terminology, facts, principles, methods, and procedures, as well as their ability to apply, interpret, and justify. When carefully designed, multiple-choice items also can assess higher-order thinking skills. Multiple-choice questions are less ambiguous than short-answer items, thereby providing a more focused assessment of student knowledge. Multiple-choice items are superior to essay on pubs true-false items in several ways: on true-false items, students can receive credit for thesis, knowing that a statement is incorrect, without knowing what is correct.

Multiple-choice items offer greater reliability than true-false items as the opportunity for guessing is reduced with the larger number of options. Finally, an instructor can diagnose misunderstanding by analyzing the incorrect options chosen by students. A disadvantage of multiple-choice items is who can do my assignment that they require developing incorrect, yet plausible, options that can be difficult to create. In addition, multiple- choice questions do not allow instructors to measure students’ ability to organize and frontier thesis, present ideas. Finally, because it is much easier to create multiple-choice items that test recall and peer essay, recognition rather than higher order thinking, multiple-choice exams run the risk of not assessing the deep learning that many instructors consider important (Greenland Linn, 1990; McMillan, 2001). Guidelines for writing multiple-choice items include advice about stems, correct answers, and frontier, distractors (McMillan, 2001, p. 150; Piontek, 2008): S tems pose the problem or question. Is the stem stated as clearly, directly, and essay on pubs, simply as possible? Is the problem described fully in the stem? Is the stem stated positively, to avoid the possibility that students will overlook terms like “no,” “not,” or “least”?

Does the stem provide only information relevant to the problem? Possible responses include the correct answer and distractors , or the incorrect choices. Multiple-choice questions usually have at against frontier, least three distractors. Are the distractors plausible to students who do not know the correct answer? Is there only one correct answer? Are all the possible answers parallel with respect to grammatical structure, length, and complexity? Are the virginia essays online options short? Are complex options avoided? Are options placed in logical order? Are correct answers spread equally among all the choices? (For example, is answer “A” correct about the same number of times as options “B” or “C” or “D”)? An example of good multiple-choice questions that assess higher-order thinking skills is the following test question from pharmacy (Park, 2008): Patient WC was admitted for third-degree burns over 75% of his body.

The attending physician asks you to start this patient on antibiotic therapy. Which one of the following is the best reason why WC would need antibiotic prophylaxis? A second question builds on the first by describing the patient’s labs two days later, asking the students to develop an explanation for the subsequent lab results. (See Piontek, 2008 for against, the full question.) Essay questions can tap complex thinking by requiring students to organize and integrate information, interpret information, construct arguments, give explanations, evaluate the merit of ideas, and carry out other types of reasoning (Cashin, 1987; Gronlund Linn, 1990; McMillan, 2001; Thorndike, 1997; Worthen, et al., 1993). Restricted response essay questions are good for assessing basic knowledge and understanding and generally require a brief written response (e.g., “State two hypotheses about apa citation of unpublished why birds migrate. Summarize the evidence supporting each hypothesis” [Worthen, et al., 1993, p. 277].) Extended response essay items allow students to construct a variety of strategies, processes, interpretations and explanations for a question, such as the following: The framers of the Constitution strove to create an effective national government that balanced the tension between majority rule and the rights of minorities.

What aspects of American politics favor majority rule? What aspects protect the rights of those not in the majority? Drawing upon material from your readings and the lectures, did the framers successfully balance this tension? Why or why not? (Shipan, 2008). In addition to measuring complex thinking and reasoning, advantages of essays include the potential for motivating better study habits and providing the students flexibility in arguments, their responses. Instructors can evaluate how well students are able to essay on pubs communicate their reasoning with essay items, and they are usually less time consuming to construct than multiple-choice items that measure reasoning. The major disadvantages of essays include the amount of time instructors must devote to reading and scoring student responses, and thesis, the importance of developing and using carefully constructed criteria/rubrics to insure reliability of scoring. Essays can assess only a limited amount of content in one testing period/exam due to the length of time required for students to respond to each essay item.

As a result, essays do not provide a good sampling of content knowledge across a curriculum (Gronlund Linn, 1990; McMillan, 2001). Guidelines for writing essay questions include the following (Gronlund Linn, 1990; McMillan, 2001; Worthen, et al., 1993): Restrict the use of essay questions to educational outcomes that are difficult to measure using other formats. Essay. For example, to test recall knowledge, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, or multiple-choice questions are better measures. Identify the specific skills and knowledge that will be assessed. Piontek (2008, available online: gives several examples of question stems that assess different types of reasoning skills, such as: Generalizations : State a set of principles that can explain the following events. Synthesis : Write a well-organized report that shows Evaluation : Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Write the against thesis question clearly so that students do not feel that they are guessing at “what the instructor wants me to essay on pubs do.” Indicate the amount of time and arguments against, effort students should spend on each essay item. Avoid giving students options for which essay questions they should answer.

This choice decreases the validity and reliability of the test because each student is essentially taking a different exam. Consider using several narrowly focused questions (rather than one broad question) that elicit different aspects of woolf essays students’ skills and knowledge. Make sure there is enough time to answer the questions. Against Frontier. Guidelines for scoring essay questions include the of unpublished doctoral dissertation following (Gronlund Linn, 1990; McMillan, 2001; Wiggins, 1998; Worthen, et al., 1993; Writing and grading essay questions , 1990): Outline what constitutes an expected answer. Select an appropriate scoring method based on the criteria. A rubric is a scoring key that indicates the criteria for scoring and the amount of points to against thesis be assigned for each criterion. My Family For Class Kg. A sample rubric for a take-home history exam question might look like the following: Number of references to arguments against class reading sources. Lots of inaccuracies. No apparent inaccuracies. Taxol. No argument made; little evidence for arguments thesis, argument. Argument is vague and unevenly supported by evidence.

Argument is clear and well-supported by evidence. Many grammar and spelling errors. Few (1-2) grammar or spelling errors. No grammar or spelling errors. Total Points (out of 8 possible): Clarify the role of writing mechanics and woolf online, other factors independent of the educational outcomes being measured. For example, how does grammar or use of scientific notation figure into your scoring criteria? Create anonymity for students’ responses while scoring and create a random order in arguments thesis, which tests are graded (e.g., shuffle the pile) to increase accuracy of the scoring. Use a systematic process for scoring each essay item. Assessment guidelines suggest scoring all answers for an individual essay question in one continuous process, rather than scoring all answers to all questions for an individual student. This system makes it easier to remember the criteria for scoring each answer.

You can also use these guidelines for scoring essay items to create grading processes and rubrics for students’ papers, oral presentations, course projects, and websites. For other grading strategies, see Responding to Student Writing Principles Practices and Commenting Effectively on Student Writing . Apa Citation Of Unpublished. Cashin, W. E. (1987). Improving essay tests . Idea Paper, No. 17. Manhattan, KS: Center for Faculty Evaluation and Development, Kansas State University. Gronlund, N. E., Linn, R. Arguments Against Frontier. L. (1990). Measurement and evaluation in taxol semisynthesis, teaching (6th ed.). New York: Macmillan Publishing Company.

Halpern, D. Frontier. H., Hakel, M. D. (2003). Applying the apa citation science of learning to the university and beyond. Change, 35 (4), 37-41. McKeachie, W. J., Svinicki, M. D. Arguments Thesis. (2006). Semisynthesis. Assessing, testing, and evaluating: Grading is not the most important function. In McKeachie#39;s Teaching tips: Strategies, research, and theory for college and university teachers (12th ed., pp. Arguments Against Frontier Thesis. 74-86). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company. McMillan, J. H. (2001).

Classroom assessment: Principles and practice for editing, effective instruction. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Park, J. (2008, February 4). Personal communication. University of Michigan College of Pharmacy. Shipan, C. (2008, February 4). Personal communication.

University of Michigan Department of arguments frontier Political Science. Who Can Assignment. Svinicki, M. D. (1999a). Evaluating and grading students. In Teachers and students: A sourcebook for arguments, UT- Austin faculty (pp. Virginia Online. 1-14). Austin, TX: Center for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Texas at Austin. Thorndike, R. M. (1997). Measurement and evaluation in psychology and education. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc.

Wiggins, G. P. (1998). Educative assessment: Designing assessments to inform and frontier, improve student performance . San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Worthen, B. R., Borg, W. R., White, K. Do My Assignment. R. Against Frontier. (1993). Measurement and apa citation of unpublished, evaluation in the schools . New York: Longman. Writing and grading essay questions. Against Frontier. (1990, September). Taxol. For Your Consideration , No. 7. Chapel Hill, NC: Center for Teaching and Learning, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Promoting Excellence Innovation in arguments frontier, Teaching Learning at U-M.

CRLT is dedicated to the support and advancement of evidence-based learning and teaching practices and essay on pubs, the professional development of against all members of the my family essay for class kg campus teaching community. CRLT partners with faculty, graduate students, postdocs, and administrators to develop and sustain a University culture that values and arguments thesis, rewards teaching, respects and my family, supports individual differences among learners, and creates learning environments in which diverse students and instructors can excel.

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Arguments against frontier thesis

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Sr. Sales Representative. Resume Rabbit is taxol, a fabulous user friendly site. with real people behind the against frontier thesis scenes who send real responses to inquires. Development Resource Coordinator. Copyright 2017 eDirectPublishing, Inc.

All rights reserved. Essay For Class Kg. Resume Rabbit is a trademark of eDirect Publishing, Inc. Contents are protected by international copyright laws. Unauthorized copying or duplication in arguments against, any form is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. This page outlines the essay on pubs Terms of against thesis, Service (hereafter the Agreement) under which the Services provided by eDirect Publishing, Inc. in association with Resume Rabbit (hereafter the Services) and the Resume Rabbit Resume Promotion Web Site (hereafter the Site) are provided to you. Please read this page carefully. Online. By using the Site and/or paying for the Services, you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by arguments, this Agreement. If you're unwilling to be bound this Agreement, do not use this Site or pay for woolf essays, Services. For purposes of this Agreement, the term Resume Rabbit shall include eDirect Publishing Inc., their officers, agents, vendors, employees and arguments thesis, affiliates. Please note that Resume Rabbit may revise the Agreement at any time by updating this posting.

You should visit this page periodically to apa citation of unpublished dissertation, review the arguments Agreement, as it is binding upon taxol, you. By entering into this Agreement you further acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of Resume Rabbit's information gathering, use and dissemination practices as outlined in our Privacy Policy. In exchange for its standard fees, Resume Rabbit's One-Stop Resume Posting service will easily and automatically post a customers resume information and job requirements to arguments against frontier, a growing number of 3rd party career web sites (Career Sites) using one single online form. In most cases postings occur within 24 to 48 hours of sign up. Step 1 . The Site asks you for who can do my, contact and other personal information, your desired job requirements and your relevant experience (collectively Personal Information) which will be electronically reformatted and submitted to various Career Sites. Step 2 . Next you're asked for billing contact information, credit card information, and/or bank account information (collectively Payment Information) which is captured, validated and frontier thesis, submitted using Norton Secured by Symantec Online Payment Processing, a secure server and who can do my assignment for me?, SSL encryption. Against Frontier Thesis. Prior to pressing a button to taxol semisynthesis, submit payment you must pro-actively acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to this Agreement. Step 3 . Upon payment authorization we'll email a purchase confirmation notice with a web site address where you can amongst other things: check the status of each Career Site posting using a page known as the Posting Report, contact us, check your JobMail, search for jobs, review our Terms of Service and review our Privacy Policy. Step 4 . Arguments Against Frontier Thesis. After completing the process you can opt to Refer-a-Friend by providing us your friends email contact information.

We'll then email your friend a one-time invitation to visit our Site, which will be addressed from you. One or more patents apply to this site and to the features and services accessible via the site, including without limitation: US Patent Nos. Online. 6,363,376 and 6,757,674; and frontier, all corresponding foreign counterparts. All content on the Site (including but not limited to peer editing for descriptive essay, text, graphics, images, logos, buttons, icons, software and other materials, hereafter Content) are the sole property of Resume Rabbit and/or eDirect Publishing, Inc. and frontier, is protected by U.S. Essay On Pubs. copyright and international treaties. eDirect Publishing, Inc. authorizes you to view and download a single copy of the Content on the Site solely for arguments frontier thesis, your personal, noncommercial use. Unauthorized use of the essay on pubs Content may violate copyright, trademark and other laws. You must retain all copyright, trademark, service mark, and other proprietary notices contained in the Content on any copy you make of the Content.

You may not reproduce, modify, display, sell, or distribute the Content, or use it in any other way for arguments against frontier, public or commercial purpose. This includes copying or adapting the HTML code used to editing essay, generate Web pages on arguments against thesis Resume Rabbit. Apa Citation. Additionally attempting to decipher, recompile, disassemble or reverse engineer any of the software comprising or in any way making up a part of the Site or service is expressly prohibited. Resume Rabbit, Resume Posting Service designs, copy, graphics and logos and certain other names or logos are service marks or trademarks of eDirect Publishing, Inc. Arguments Frontier. In addition, the essay on pubs look and feel of the frontier thesis Site (including color combinations, button shapes, layout, design and woolf online, all other graphical elements) are also protected by eDirect Publishing's trademarks, service marks and copyrights. All other product and arguments frontier, service marks contained on the Site are the trademarks of their respective owners. The Site and peer editing checklist, its Services are intended solely for thesis, individuals seeking employment. The Site may be used only for lawful purposes within this stated context of Resume Rabbit's intended and acceptable use. Resume Rabbit holds the sole and exclusive right to interpret the for class meaning and definition of acceptable use.

As one of the conditions of your use of the Site and Service, you represent, warrant and agree that you will not use (or plan, encourage or help others to use) the Site for arguments, any purpose or in any manner that is prohibited by this Agreement or by applicable law. It is your responsibility to virginia essays, ensure that your use of the Site complies with This Agreement. Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to against, violate the security of the Site, including, without limitation: accessing data not intended for such user or logging into a server or account which the apa citation dissertation user is not authorized to access; attempting to arguments frontier thesis, probe, scan or test the vulnerability of essay, a system or network or to against, breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization; attempting to interfere with service to any user, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the Site, overloading, flooding, mail bombing or crashing; sending unsolicited e-mail, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services; forging any TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information in any e-mail or newsgroup posting. Use of any device, software or routine to woolf essays online, interfere or attempt to against, interfere with the essay on pubs proper working of the Site or services of Resume Rabbit, or taking any action which imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on arguments against frontier the Site's infrastructure or the infrastructure of Resume Rabbit is expressly prohibited. Violations of these Security Rules may result in civil or criminal liability. Resume Rabbit will investigate occurrences that may involve such violations and online, may involve, and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in arguments frontier thesis, prosecuting users who are involved in my family essay for class, such violations.

You are responsible for maintaining the arguments frontier thesis confidentiality of your information, username and woolf essays online, password. You shall be responsible for all uses of your registration, whether or not authorized by you. You agree to thesis, immediately notify Resume Rabbit of any unauthorized use of your registration, information, username or password. By using the Site and Service you acknowledge that you have pro-actively hired Resume Rabbit to act on your behalf, as your Agent (hereafter Agency Relationship), to create accounts and post your Personal Information on the Career Sites and web portals, subject to essay on pubs, the terms, conditions, rules and regulations governing the services provided by each of these sites. You hereby further convey to Resume Rabbit power of attorney to sign on your behalf (whether on paper or digitally) specifically indicating to each of thesis, these Career Sites that you have read, understood and agree to abide by their terms, conditions, rules and regulations. Taxol. Click here to review the current list of Career Sites Resume Rabbit posts to, and to access links where their terms of service may be found. You additionally acknowledge your understanding that Resume Rabbit has standardized its web based information gathering forms (hereafter Forms) in order to make easy the arguments against thesis re-posting of essay on pubs, your Personal Information on the various web forms and in the various formats required by against frontier thesis, the various Career Sites. Virginia Essays Online. With this understanding you further authorize Resume Rabbit to make its best efforts to interpret some of your answers to questions provided on the Forms in order to re-post whatever information Resume Rabbit believes, in its sole discretion, are substantially similar answers amongst the available choices on the various Career Sites. By entering into frontier, this Agreement you're accepting full and total responsibility for the actions Resume Rabbit performs on your behalf and at your request, as if you had performed those actions yourself. Your further acknowledge and for descriptive essay, agree that you will take full responsibility and are personally liable for arguments against frontier, any consequences arising from the use of the Site and Services and from this Agreement. Once your resume has been posted, Resume Rabbit will provide you access to for class, a Resume Posting Service Center where you can access your Real-Time Posting Report and arguments against frontier thesis, your web-based Job Mail.

This access is available for one year from the date you sign up with the checklist service. Once the year has expired you will no longer be able to view your Real-Time Posting Report or your Job Mail. If you select Keep My Identity Confidential during an Online Order Interaction with Resume Rabbit, Resume Rabbit will select the confidentiality option on against frontier thesis the Career Sites offering that feature. For sites that do not offer a confidentiality feature, Resume Rabbit will replace your personally identifiable information as follows: First Name Last Name are replaced with Confidential User Street Address is replaced with Address Withheld Phone Number is replaced with A/C-555-1212 Most Recent Company is replaced with Confidential. Additionally, it is who can do my, recommended you remove all unwanted personal information from the arguments cut and virginia essays online, paste version of your resume and arguments thesis, cover letter, as these will be posted exactly as you provide them via the Forms. Job Agents are automated search engines at Career Sites that search for job openings matching criteria given them and then email leads of matching jobs to the email address provided to semisynthesis, the Career Site. For Non-Paid Customers. Resume Rabbit may set up Job Agents, also known as Job Alerts, as a courtesy to customers who create accounts on thesis Resume Rabbit but do not pay for essay on pubs, Resume Posting Services. Against Frontier Thesis. These Job Agents can be edited, modified or deleted at any time.

For Paid Customers. Resume Rabbit has selected some Career Sites with Job Agent services and has set up Job Agents to automatically be part of the apa citation of unpublished doctoral dissertation Resume Posting Service. Resume Rabbit does not setup Job Agents at thesis every Career Site that has Job Agents or related services. Resume Rabbit uses its best efforts to match the information given us via its Forms to peer checklist for descriptive essay, make sure that the arguments against thesis Job Agents setup match the type of position(s) desired. Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees that the Job Agents setup will match job leads you desire. Once you are posted to the Career Sites, you may receive email from the Career Sites when Job Agent matches are found. It is my family for class kg, your responsibility to refine the job search criteria used by the Job Agents, if you desire to do so.

After being posted to the Career Sites, your Real-Time Resume Posting Report clearly shows which sites have Job Agents setup. Against. The Real-Time Resume Posting Report provides links for dissertation, you to arguments thesis, login to the Career Sites where you can customize these Job Agents. For more information on this feature please review our Privacy Policy. For your privacy, security and protection, we create a unique job search email address for you on my family our email servers (your Managed Email Address). This new email will be used as part of arguments against frontier, your contact information whenever an email address is required in for class kg, the promotion of frontier thesis, your resume. By using this Service you understand and consent to the replacement of virginia essays online, any email address provided by you with your Managed Email Address for the purposes of promoting your resume, whether provided in the body of your resume or otherwise. Spam Filtering Job Mail Web-Based Email Service. As part of your Service, you receive a web-based email account where you will receive any communications sent to your Managed Email Address.

These communications to your Managed Email Address (Job Mail) are made available to you through the Job Mail section of our Service Center. This is where you'll go to pick up job opportunities and against, other Managed Email. The Job Mail email service helps keep your job related email in one place and separate from your personal email box. The Job Mail web interface allows you to who can assignment for me?, read, write, reply and organize your job related email messages online. It has an online calendar for scheduling interviews and a simple address book to store job opportunity contacts. To access Job Mail, simply log into the Service Center and click on the Job Mail link.

Emails sent to your Managed Email Address will automatically go through our Spam Filtering servers before being delivered to your Job Mail Inbox. While no Spam filtering technique is 100% foolproof, our service should eliminate most non job-search related email. Against Frontier Thesis. This keeps the essay for class email address you provide during registration private, secure and eliminates Spam that would have otherwise been sent to you. Privacy of Your Communications. Resume Rabbit considers email transmitted via the Managed Email Services to be the private correspondence of the against thesis sender and essay for class, recipient. Against Frontier Thesis. Resume Rabbit generally will not monitor, review or disclose the contents of your Managed Email correspondence, except: (a) as required by law; (b) if necessary to editing for descriptive, enforce this Agreement; (c) to respond to claims that such contents violate the rights of third parties; (d) as necessary for the maintenance, monitoring and arguments against frontier, quality assurance of the operations of the Site or Services; or (e) to protect the rights, or property of Resume Rabbit, its third party service providers, or others. Limitations on of unpublished doctoral dissertation Use of Email Services. Managed Email and related Services are made available to you for your personal use only and solely for the purpose of arguments frontier thesis, facilitating job search related correspondence resulting from the use of the Resume Rabbit Resume Promotion Services.

You hereby agree not to use Managed Email and related Services for any other communications or emailing activities other than as outlined herein. You agree: (a) not to use the Services for illegal purposes; (b) not to interfere with or disrupt the essay on pubs Services or servers or networks connected to the Services; (c) to arguments frontier, comply with all requirements, procedures, policies, and regulations of networks connected to the Services; and (e) to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of essay on pubs, technical data exported from the United States. You further agree not to upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit through the Services: (a) any unlawful, harassing, libelous, privacy invading, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, indecent, tortuous, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind; (b) any material that violates the rights of frontier thesis, another, including, but not limited to, the essay on pubs intellectual property rights of another; (c) any material that violates any applicable local, state, national, or international law or regulation; or (d) unsolicited or unauthorized advertisements, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or other forms of arguments frontier, solicitation. (e) any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to checklist for descriptive, interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment; General Email Services Provisions. Please be advised that there is a risk involved whenever downloading email and/or associated attachments to your computer.

Resume Rabbit Email Services may not be able to detect or repair viruses, or control or foresee any potential damages of using this Service. Resume Rabbit assumes no responsibility for arguments against frontier thesis, the deletion or failure to store, deliver or deliver in a timely manner email messages. Woolf Online. Additionally, Resume Rabbit, in its sole discretion, and thesis, without prior notice may place limits on the amount of email a user may send, receive and/or store on essay on pubs or through its servers within in any period of arguments thesis, time for any reason whatsoever. Any notice provided by taxol, Resume Rabbit to against frontier, you in connection with such limit(s) shall not create any obligation to provide future notification regarding any change(s) to assignment for me?, such limit(s). Resume Rabbit additionally retains the right to arguments against frontier thesis, deactivate any Managed Email Address account or related service, with or without prior notice, for woolf essays, any reason without any liability whatsoever and you hereby release Resume Rabbit from any such liability. You acknowledge that Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees or warrantees of any kind related to Resume Rabbit Email Services, and that your election to utilize this Service is completely at your own risk. Resume Rabbit shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever or be held liable for any damages caused by arguments against frontier, your decision to use these services. You further acknowledge and agree that you are solely responsible for all acts or omissions that occur under your Resume Rabbit account or password, including the content of your transmissions through Job Mail and related Services, and that Resume Rabbit may recover damages from you if you violate any of the terms of this Agreement. By using the editing checklist for descriptive essay Services you agree to defend, indemnify and arguments thesis, hold harmless Resume Rabbit from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from this Agreement, your breach of this Agreement, your use of the Site and Services, the provision by you of any Content to the Site or other Career Sites, or the Agency Relationship. Resume Rabbit shall provide notice to you promptly of any such claim, suit, or proceeding and shall assist you at your expense in their defense.

You further agree to semisynthesis, release Resume Rabbit from any claims, demands and damages (actual, consequential, direct and indirect) of every kind and nature, known and thesis, unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with this Agreement or the Agency Relationship. If you are a California resident, under this Agreement you are additionally waiving your rights under California Civil Code 1542 which says, A general release does not extend to semisynthesis, claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to arguments against frontier thesis, exist in his favor at essay on pubs the time of frontier, executing the who can do my assignment for me? release, which if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor. IN NO EVENT SHALL RESUME RABBIT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER (INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, INCIDENTAL AND CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, INCOME, OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM LOST DATA, LOST EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES, OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) RESULTING FROM THE USE OR ACCESS TO, OR THE INABILITY TO USE OR ACCESS, SITE AND THE CONTENT AND/OR ANY DOCUMENT, WHETHER BASED ON WARRANTY, CONTRACT, TORT, OR ANY OTHER LEGAL THEORY, AND WHETHER OR NOT RESUME RABBIT IS ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. BECAUSE SOME STATES OR JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. IF THIS EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IS HELD INAPPLICABLE OR UNENFORCEABLE FOR ANY REASON, THEN RESUME RABBIT'S MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR ANY TYPE OF DAMAGES SHALL NOT EXCEED THE AMOUNT PAID BY YOU FOR THE SERVICES PROVIDED HEREUNDER. By entering into this Agreement you acknowledge that Resume Rabbit is arguments against, simply acting as a conduit or messenger and that it makes no warranties of any kind relating to the Career Sites that Resume Rabbit posts you to. Resume Rabbit will simply pass through information provided by you and will not verify the accuracy of that information nor accept any responsibility for your activities or conduct. Resume Rabbit is not an essay on pubs, employment agency or recruiting firm.

Resume Rabbit makes no warrantees or guarantees about any customer's ability to procure employment. Resume Rabbit does not control any of the Career Sites it posts to, nor does it control any portion of the hiring process related to arguments frontier, its customer. For Me?. Resume Rabbit therefore makes no representations or guarantees regarding the effectiveness or timeliness of its Site, Services, Content, or its effectiveness in arguments against, meeting the essays online employment or any other objectives of its customers. Furthermore nothing on against thesis the Site shall be considered an endorsement, representation, assumption of responsibility or warranty with respect to any third party, whether in regards to their web site, products, technologies, services, business practices or otherwise. Additionally, Resume Rabbit makes no warranties of any kind related to its standardization and interpretation of the essay for class information gathered in its Forms in order to provide information to Career Sites. Arguments Against Thesis. You acknowledge and agree that accuracy of assignment, your Personal Information on Career Sites is your sole responsibility, and that Resume Rabbit is against frontier, not responsible for correcting, changing or modifying any information provided to 3rd parties on your behalf. RESUME RABBIT DOES NOT WARRANT THAT ITS SITE OR SERVICES WILL OPERATE ERROR-FREE OR THAT THE SITE OR ITS SERVERS ARE FREE OF COMPUTER VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL MECHANISMS. Essay On Pubs. IF YOUR USE OF THE SITE OR THE CONTENT RESULTS IN THE NEED FOR SERVICING OR REPLACING EQUIPMENT OR DATA, RESUME RABBIT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THOSE COSTS. YOU ASSUME FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND RISK FOR USE OF THIS SITE AND THE INTERNET IN GENERAL. THE SITE AND CONTENT ARE PROVIDED ON AN AS IS BASIS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND.

RESUME RABBIT, TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. RESUME RABBIT MAKES NO WARRANTIES ABOUT THE ACCURACY, RELIABILITY, COMPLETENESS, OR TIMELINESS OF THE CONTENT, SERVICES, SOFTWARE, TEXT, GRAPHICS AND LINKS. By submitting your Personal Information to the Site you automatically grant Resume Rabbit the royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, distribute, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, perform and display such Personal Information (in whole or part) worldwide or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed, without restriction or compensation. In addition, you warrant that all so-called moral rights in the Personal Information have been waived. International Access : eDirect Publishing, Inc. is based in San Diego County, California. Frontier. eDirect Publishing, Inc. Taxol Semisynthesis. makes no claims that the Content of its Site is appropriate or legal to be viewed by against frontier, certain persons or in certain countries.

If you access the Site or Services from outside of the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with the virginia woolf essays online laws of your jurisdiction. Partial Validity : If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect. No waiver of any term of arguments against frontier thesis, this Agreement shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term. Equitable Relief : You understand and agree that due to the nature of This Agreement, in addition to money damages, eDirect Publishing, Inc. will be entitled to equitable relief upon a breach of this Agreement by you. Governing Law : This Agreement is who can do my assignment, governed by arguments against, the laws of the who can do my assignment for me? State of California without respect to its conflict of laws principles. Jurisdiction for any claims arising under this Agreement shall lie exclusively with the state or federal courts in frontier, San Diego County, California. Headings : Headings used in taxol, this Agreement are provided for convenience only and against frontier, shall not be used to dissertation, construe meaning or intent. Entire Agreement : Except as expressly provided in arguments, a particular Legal Notice, Software License or other notices or Content published on the Site, these terms represent the entire binding Agreement between us, and our respective successors and assigns, and supersede any and all prior understanding, statements or representations, whether electronic, oral or written, regarding Resume Rabbit, the Site, or Services. Digital Admissibility : You hereby agree that a printed version of this Agreement and essays, of any other notice given in arguments frontier thesis, electronic form by Resume Rabbit or in the Site, which is who can for me?, based upon or relating to against thesis, this Agreement, shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings and subject to who can do my, the same conditions as other agreements, business documents or records originally generated, entered into, signed or maintained in arguments against frontier, printed form. Certain areas of this Web Site and additional services provided are subject to additional terms of use.

By using such areas or any part thereof, you agree to peer checklist for descriptive, be bound by the additional terms of use applicable to such areas. Questions concerning our Terms and Conditions should be addressed by thesis, contacting us here or by postal mail at: c/o eDirect Publishing Inc. 3451 Via Montebello, Unit 192-104. Carlsbad, California 92009. Updated April 27, 2009, 8:40 AM PST. Copyright 2017 eDirectPublishing, Inc. All rights reserved. My Family Kg. Resume Rabbit is arguments against thesis, a trademark of essay on pubs, eDirect Publishing, Inc. Contents are protected by frontier, international copyright laws. Apa Citation Doctoral. Unauthorized copying or duplication in any form is strictly prohibited without prior written consent. Our Beliefs About Privacy.

eDirect Publishing, Inc. and Resume Rabbit are firmly committed to against frontier thesis, protecting your privacy. We created this Privacy Statement so you'll have the information you need to make a confident and informed online buying decision. We value your trust and virginia essays, pledge to do everything we can to frontier thesis, handle your personal, private or sensitive information carefully, responsibly and securely. Below are the information gathering, use and dissemination practices for Resume Rabbit. To communicate any questions or concerns you may have regarding our privacy practices, please click here. Resume Rabbit's One-Stop Resume Posting service allows customers to be automatically posted to multiple 3rd party career web sites using a single online form.

Posting Your Resume Confidentially. If you select Keep My Identity Confidential during our registration process, we will select the confidentiality option on the career websites offering that feature. For Career Websites that do not offer a confidentiality feature, we will replace your personally identifiable information as follows: First Last Name are replaced with Confidential User Street Address is essay on pubs, replaced with Address Withheld Phone Number is replaced with A/C-555-1212

Most Recent Company is replaced with Confidential. Additionally, we recommend you remove all unwanted personal information from the cut and paste version of arguments frontier, your resume and cover letter, as it will be posted exactly as you provide it to taxol semisynthesis, us. NOTE: These practices may conflict with the Terms of Service listed on some of the arguments against frontier thesis 3rd party career websites where we post your resume. If you choose to use this feature you must agree to peer editing, do so at your own risk. To visit and review the terms of service on arguments against frontier thesis these sites, click here. Spam Prevention Email Forwarding.

Posting an essay on pubs, email address on the Internet can sometimes give rise to unwanted email (Spam). To alleviate this problem, Resume Rabbit provides its Spam Prevention Email Forwarding Service, as defined in against frontier thesis, this section. Resume Rabbit creates a new job search email address (Posted Email Address) for you and uses it as part of its Resume Posting Service. Peer Checklist Essay. Emails sent to the Posted Email Address will automatically go through our Spam detection servers before being forwarded to the email you give via our Forms (Personal Email Address). This greatly reduces the amount of Spam you would receive at arguments against thesis your Personal Email Address. By using the Spam Prevention Email Forwarding service, you give Resume Rabbit the permission and power to choose which emails sent to your Posted Email Address should be filtered and which should be forwarded to woolf essays, your Personal Email Address. You give Resume Rabbit the permission to alter the content of arguments thesis, 3rd party emails for any reason. You also give Resume Rabbit the permission to taxol, store copies of the arguments frontier thesis filtered and forwarded email on its servers. Resume Rabbit does not receive or accept any authority over apa citation of unpublished dissertation, your usage of your Personal Email Address, and will not be held liable for arguments against frontier, anything related to your Personal Email Address. The Spam Prevention service and services of its type are not 100% effective and from time to time our product may misclassify Spam as legitimate mail and legitimate mail as Spam.

Resume Rabbit makes no guarantees that all Spam will be blocked from essay on pubs being forwarded to your email account. Resume Rabbit also makes no guarantee that all legitimate email will be delivered to your email account. If you suspect that legitimate mail has been blocked as Spam, please contact Customer Service. Please be advised that the frontier thesis Spam Prevention service may not be able to detect or repair all viruses. There is a risk involved whenever downloading email attachments to your computer and Resume Rabbit is not responsible for any damages caused by your decision to do so.

Resume Rabbit may place limits on the amount of essay on pubs, email a user may receive in against frontier, a day in order to protect the health of the essay on pubs company's network. The customer may contact Customer Service for exemptions to this clause. Handling of against, Information Gathered from Customers. On our web site you provide contact information, your desired job requirements, your relevant experience and who can for me?, other personal information (collectively Personal Information). Your Personal Information will be electronically reformatted and submitted to various 3rd party career web sites. Resume Rabbit will not rent or sell any information gathered from a customer's use of our web site. Your personal information will not be shared with any 3rd parties for frontier, any reason other than what's described in essay kg, this Privacy Statement or lawfully requested by frontier thesis, federal or state authorities. Payment Information collected from customers on the Resume Rabbit web site is taxol, securely transmitted for arguments against, payment processing in real-time utilizing PayPal/VeriSign's Online Payment Services. Upon real-time response, credit card or checking account numbers are immediately deleted from the Resume Rabbit system for both authorized and declined transactions.

PayPal/VeriSign, using its own secure connections and encryption technology, then transmits your payment information for validation and essay on pubs, processing to an authorized and reputable payment-processing clearinghouse. The rest of the associated payment processing is then handled like any other credit card or bank debit transaction. To the best of our knowledge all of the companies and banking institutions involved in our payment processing do not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any purpose outside of processing our payments. In rare instances due to real-time data transmission failures outside of our control, we'll inform customers that their Payment Information has been captured for arguments against frontier, later processing. Then we'll immediately encrypt the information and transfer it to a private server on our internal network using a secure connection. Only our Security Administrator has the encryption key to unlock Payment Information for processing. Editing Checklist For Descriptive Essay. Once processed the information is arguments, immediately deleted from editing our servers. When a customer logs in to our website with their user name and against, password a record of that log in may be captured, time stamped and stored in my family for class kg, our database along with records of certain activities or functions performed by the customer during that session. The log in information will help us identify the arguments against customer associated with those activities and will be used for both statistical analysis as well as customer service. Log in essay on pubs, information may also be used to trigger an frontier, email to communicate with a customer regarding a procedure they may have started but not finished or to inform them that something they requested is now available online. Only those Resume Rabbit employees that have a legitimate business purpose for essay kg, accessing and handling personal information obtained by against thesis, us are given authorization to peer editing checklist, do so.

The unauthorized access or use of arguments frontier, such information by any Resume Rabbit employee is prohibited and constitutes grounds for disciplinary action. Additionally, our information management systems are configured in such a way as to who can do my for me?, block or inhibit employees from accessing information that they have no authority to access. Information Generated By Our Web site. A cookie is arguments against thesis, a small data file that gets sent by a web site to your web browser and may then be stored on your computer. Most web browsers allow users to choose to: never to accept cookies, automatically accept cookies, be notified prior to accepting receipt of virginia woolf essays, a cookie from a web site. A received cookie is thesis, usually stored in a directory that can be deleted from your computer at any time. Resume Rabbit uses cookies solely for the following reasons: To track a customers movement through our web site and provide meaningful related information from page to page. To help aggregate all the information a customer provides on for me? several web page forms into a single set of customer information for submission to against frontier, 3rd party web sites and to PayPal/VeriSign for virginia woolf online, payment processing. To avoid the frontier necessity of a customer having to continually enter his or her username and password after having logged on to our web site. The information contained in a cookie created by the Resume Rabbit web site includes a randomly generated session ID and is combined with a portion of the customers IP address for added security.

A cookies usefulness along with all related records on our web server expire within hours of my family for class kg, having been used. While not associated with any particular web site visitor's contact information, we retain standard log information gathered by our web server software package for an indefinite period of time. This information will be used solely for arguments, statistical analysis. Standard log information includes: The web page requested. The host name or IP address of the user making the request.

The date and time of the request. The web page address visited prior to essay, the request. The users browser type. The users operating system. Protection of arguments frontier thesis, Your Payment Information. To protect your Payment Information online we use SSL encryption technology and offer Credit Card Fraud Protection. Resume Rabbit holds a digital certificate from VeriSign, a trusted third-party Certification Authority. Essay On Pubs. At Resume Rabbit we pride ourselves on our use of secure e-commerce servers complete with digital certificates, secure server ID's, SSL encryption technology, and SSL authentication.

These technologies help you verify the company you're dealing with and transmit Payment Information securely. In the against frontier thesis case of unauthorized use of your credit card, with proper notification to your issuing bank the Fair Credit Billing Act provides that your maximum liability is assignment for me?, limited to $50.00 US. In the event you're held liable for against frontier thesis, unauthorized credit card charges resulting from peer essay a Resume Rabbit secure web site transaction, we'll happily reimburse you for against frontier thesis, your liability up to $50.00 US with the submission of supporting documents. Resume Rabbit services may be advertised using a variety of methods. Examples can include print, radio, television, banner, public relations and email marketing. In order to determine the effectiveness of different advertising vehicles, Resume Rabbit may create different website addresses for semisynthesis, advertising vehicles in order to track and understand which vehicles are most effective. This would allow us to identify by virtue of the arguments frontier thesis advertisement responded to, certain information about a customer that the my family customer didn't necessarily provide, such as their reading, viewing, listening or web surfing interests and habits. Resume Rabbit may use this information internally to determine what other products or services our customers may be interested in as well as for statistical analysis of thesis, what type of customers or advertising vehicles are most effective. Resume Rabbit may from time to time conduct surveys that ask you for feedback on our products and services. We use that information for market research, to improve our product offerings, identify desirable new products, and perform site and apa citation of unpublished dissertation, service enhancements.

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1984 Dbq - the Constitutionality of Slavery. By: Mike • Essay • 1,044 Words • November 8, 2009 • 1,184 Views. Essay title: 1984 Dbq - the Constitutionality of Slavery. Mr. Pezza/ Mr. Haldemen. 22 December 2005. Frontier Thesis. The Constitutionality of Slavery. Throughout the nineteenth-century the issue of slavery polarized the essay for class, country along sectional lines.

Northern abolitionists continually sought to outlaw slavery, while Southern slaveholders vehemently fought for the alternative. As the frontier, abolitionist movement gained momentum, many Northerners began to apa citation of unpublished, support the cause, while questioning the morality of slavery. Likewise, even non-slave holders in the South backed the pro-slavery movement, mainly because of financial commitments to powerful plantation owners. Both Northern abolitionists and Southern slaveholders held fast to their arguments, which were both equally compelling in their own respect. The North arguing the case that slavery was inherently evil and the Constitutional amendments in against, its favor were equally corrupt. Alternatively, the Southern slaveholders made the argument of the “original intent” of the essay on pubs, Constitution, claiming that they had a divine right to own slaves under United States law as it had originally been written. Thus, because of the vague terms of the Constitution and the blurring issue of “original intent,” the document only offered a stale mate, which in turn resulted in against, the downfall of the Union. Abolitionists spoke out with harsh words against the Constitutional amendments that supported slavery and doctoral, took a strong stance against pro-slavery legislature, claiming the right to resist immoral law. Southern legislation, such As the Fugitive Slave Act was forced upon Northerner’s, who greatly disagreed with the institution, but were mandated to against frontier, comply or face the alternative option of my family essay kg breaking the law (F). Against Thesis. Angered by such legislation, Abolitionist groups did jus that, and apa citation dissertation, resisted the law by warning African Americans in the North of the possibilities of being deported to the South by local authorities and slave-catchers ( C ). Ralph Waldo Emerson explained the need to resist immoral laws such as the Fugitive Slave Act under the Compromise of 1850 (A) when he stated, “An immoral law makes it a man’s duty to break it…the Union is at an end as soon as an immoral law is against frontier, enacted” (D). William Lloyd Garrison also embodied the need to resist the immoral law of the essay on pubs, Constitution when he exclaimed, “Three millions of the American people are crushed under the American Union!

The Constitution which subject them [blacks] to hopeless bondage is arguments against frontier thesis, one that we cannot swear to support” (E). Clearly, the issue of morality is the main topic of discussion within the North. According to Garrison, the Constitution did in fact support the institution of slavery; however, it’s a basic concept that the United States was formed on woolf online the bases of “Life, Liberty, and Property.” The controversy stems from the question of whether or not African Americans are humans who disserve life, or whether they are the property of others. As this contradiction blurs the issue, the argument basically comes down to the interpretation of the original intent of Constitution, as well as the basis on arguments against thesis which the Union was formed. Such contradictions create for a broad span of interpretations, ones that are not necessarily successfully refuted by the other. As the who can do my for me?, North questioned the morality of slavery, the South argued its right to Slavery as granted by the Constitution and continually passed pro-slavery legislation that had a direct affect on arguments frontier those living in the North. An Anonymous Georgian reflected the pro-slavery argument of upholding the original intent of the Constitution when he exclaimed, “The framers of the Constitution acted wisely, and do my for me?, embodied in the Constitution all that the South could ask…We hold that the Constitution of the against frontier thesis, Union does recognize slavery where it exists…(thus) the Union’s destruction is inevitable unless the original guarantees are respected and maintained” (B). As Southerners claimed. (2009, 11). 1984 Dbq - the Constitutionality of my family for class kg Slavery. . Retrieved 11, 2009, from 1984 Dbq - the Constitutionality of Slavery . 11 2009.

2009. 11 2009 1984 Dbq - the against frontier thesis, Constitutionality of Slavery. ., 11 2009. Web. 11 2009.

1984 Dbq - the Constitutionality of Slavery. 11, 2009. Accessed 11, 2009. Indentured Slavery In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Americas and peer editing for descriptive, Africa saw a shift from slavery and other forms of arguments work to indentured servitude. Dbq: American and Muslim Slaveries. Document-based Question: American and Muslim Slaveries Slavery is as old as the world's first civilizations. Two important slave movements were the one across the Sahara.

Slavery Dbq American Pagent 13th Adition. Before Civil War began, even as the taxol semisynthesis, country was being set up with the Articles of Confederation, slavery was an issue that had to be. Social Studies 11-6-14 Ryan Melucci Slavery DBQ Period: 1 The institution of slavery was a horrible pandemic in the early part of American history. From. Get Access to 87,000+ Essays and Term Papers Join 179,000+ Other Students High Quality Essays and Documents.

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Comparative Essay - the Book Thief. The Kite Runner: The Power of Words. “The power of arguments against, words, written or spoken, have life. They can change the world.” (search quotes). The power of words should not be underestimated. Taxol Semisynthesis! Liesel proves this to be true in the novel and the film The Book Thief. She uses words to against thesis, develop relationships with her foster father, Hans Hubermann; Max Vandenburg, the illicit Jew in apa citation doctoral, her basement; and her neighbours. In the arguments, novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak there is much more relationship development compared to the film The Book Thief directed by Brian Percival. Apa Citation Of Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation! This consequently causes the theme of the arguments against frontier, power of peer essay, words to be less prominent in the film. The novel The Book Thief develops the relationship between Liesel Meminger and her neighbours more than the film The Book Thief therefore minimizing the theme.

First, Liesel and Rudy become best friends, “Insane or not, Rudy was always destined to be Liesel’s best friend.” (Zusak 48). Thesis! Rudy introduced himself to Liesel as soon as she moved in, he developed a liking for her and taxol semisynthesis they soon become best friends. Rudy used his charming, and sometimes insulting, words to win over Liesel. This develops the theme because it shows that even if one does not want to like someone, their words can change them into a likable person. Second, Liesel and Frau Hermann develop a relationship, “When she came and stood with an impossibly frail steadfastness, she was holding a tower of books against her stomach, from her navel to the beginning of against thesis, her breasts.

She looked so vulnerable in the monstrous doorway. Long, light eyelashes and just the slightest tinge of expression. A suggestion.” (Zusak 133). Frau Hermann, the doctoral, mayor’s wife, had seen Liesel steal a book after a large burning of the books, so she knows that Liesel would to anything to read. This provokes her to invite Liesel in to explore.

. Matthew Zeppieri Mr. Kilgallin AP English Language 8 August 2012 The Book Thief Questions In the first chapter, I discovered who the narrator was on page 21. It specifically was revealed when the narrator is talking about the dead brother of Liesel Meminger saying, “It was exactly when I knelt down and extracted his soul, holding it limply in my swollen arms” (21). revealing the narrator’s identity as Death. The narrator’s diction on the page can be described as vain due to the fact he doesn’t need an arguments, introduction when the narrator says it is “not really necessary” (4). Essay On Pubs! The narrator’s diction reveals that he has a methodical, stone cold personality that puts the arguments against frontier thesis, narrator in a more superior position then the human race. Achieving this, the diction creates an effect that the narrator is going to be a huge part in the rest of the story which creates more dramatic irony when the narrator reveals stuff to semisynthesis, us that the against thesis, characters in the story will not know. “ You will be caked in your own body.” is taxol considered to arguments against, be a metaphor. “ A scream will dribble down in the air.” is categorized as a catachresis. “ The only sound I’ll hear after that will be my own breathing, and the sound of the smell, of my footsteps.” is an example of synesthesia. “What will the sky be saying?” is an erotema. Colors in who can assignment for me?, this story play an frontier, important vital role in essay on pubs, The Book Thief and the most important colors are the colors of the Nazi flag: black, white, and red. Against Frontier! Black symbolizes sadness because the. Words: 1138 - Pages: 5. . Introduction The purpose of this essay, based on the two articles concerning the mounting of the Dieppe Raid in 1942 is to taxol, compare and evaluate how each of the articles approaches the subject matter. Arguments Frontier! Find out how the authors differ in their interpretation, and why do they arrive at different conclusions.

This paper discusses the ways that war is taxol semisynthesis portrayed in against frontier, the articles. It specifically discusses and compares two article pieces that reflect the heavy weight of the Raid on Dieppe. Also, in my thesis, I will explain which interpretation I find the most persuasive. Narrative In the planning of the Raid on Dieppe Peter Henshaw stated in his article that there was no denying that Canadian had no involvement in the planning and who can for me? that the British were doing it all. Here is what Henshaw said: “the operation was conceived, planned, and launched under the thesis, direction of the British officers as part of a wider strategy that Canadians had played practically no part in formulating.”[1] This is what Brian Loring Villa stated in his article that “The stubborn fact remains that at every important stage of the my family essay, planning process McNaughton personally reviewed the work product and registered his approval under the against, authority delegated to him by the Canadian Government”.[2] It leads me to believe that the Canadians were very much involved in the planning of the raid as mentioned in Brian Villa’s book.

Who was responsible for the Raid on Dieppe? Peter. Words: 1282 - Pages: 6. . Comparative Essay Classical Chinese and Ancient Egyptian cultures reveal the complexities of do my assignment for me?, love through their works of literature, which involves the feminine chastity in a romantic plot. Throughout history, women set the role model for the appropriate engagement in premarital sexual behavior with men. In the Classical Chinese poem, “Zhongzi, Please,” we uncover a conservative female character who is afraid of society's criticisms if she is seen with a male figure. On the other hand, in the Ancient Egyptian poem, The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart, we encounter a rebellious female character who embarks on a mission to persuade her lover to indulge in arguments frontier, a sexual relationship. Both poems in virginia woolf essays online, Ancient Egypt and Classical China share similarities because the character’s response to love reflects their cultural beliefs. Confucius’ teachings about against frontier respect and obedience are reinforced several times in the Classical Chinese poem, “Zhongzi, Please,” through a female character’s reaction to who can, her lover. The respectful manner to frontier, say “please” is used several times by the female to kindly ask her lover to pull back on his amorous advances. Also, we can infer the female’s usage of the word “please” as a strategy to attract her lover.

The word “please” (1, 9, 17) conflicts with Confucius’ ideals of a women to restrain from romantic exposure, but his teachings are again reinforced with the repetition of line breaks of sentence for example, “Zhongzi, please / don’t cross. Words: 867 - Pages: 4. . with this city. One of the other reasons is because Hanoi has the best hotel I have ever stayed at in terms of design and apa citation of unpublished service. Arguments Against! The hotel is called Metropole and it is divided into two parts. The old-fashioned wing and the stylish colonial newer wing with a hint of modernism where I stayed. It is not a huge hotel, but its facilities are extensive. There is an elegant French restaurant, of who can do my for me?, course, classical Vietnamese restaurant, a very trendy and happening Italian bar and restaurant called after Angelina Jolie, then a pastry shop, lounge bar and then this cafe in the glass house in arguments thesis, the middle of the courtyard, where you can enjoy a nice high tea. That is my favorite.

Although this is not what makes the hotel the best I have ever stayed at, but the service is absolutely exquisite. There is so much very well trained staff. It is very unexpected and unusual for under-developed country like Vietnam. Essay Kg! Apart from this hotel there are so many hidden gems among restaurants in against thesis, this city. There is only one thing that makes strolling around Hanoi a bit difficult, which is the essay on pubs, traffic. The amount of people on arguments frontier thesis, motorbikes is enormous, astronomic. However, it sort of adds to for class, the city's personality. But it makes one's every day life hell unless you know the trick. Before I arrived I had read in this guide book, that all one has to think of when crossing the street is imagine being Moses entering the sea and the motorbikes will part and drive around you just as same as the sea water.

Words: 622 - Pages: 3. . Comparative Essay Erika Shultz Professor Bradshaw Liberty University PHSC 210-A12 LUO August 12, 2013 Introduction We are aware that the universe exists, regardless; it is human nature to arguments against, search for a deeper understanding. The controversial debate concerning the Big Bang Theory and a Six-Day Creation has been around for centuries. For years, thousands of people, including the “greatest minds in physics,” have pondered the beginning of the universe. Curiosity has led to peer editing checklist essay, questions of how the universe began (LaRocco Rothstein, n.d.). Frontier! Many scientists believe the earth to have always been in existence (Chown, 2012). Others, however, believe the opposite; they believe in the creation of our universe. Whether one believes in a scientific development of the universe, or in a higher power of creation, there are two sides to every debate. Peer Editing! In this paper, each side will be explained, discussed and compared and contrasted. The Big Bang Theory Many people believed at one time that the thesis, universe we know today had no beginning or an my family essay kg, end. However, through research, the arguments frontier, Big Bang Theory proved that the universe was not infinite.

The universe has a history and essay on pubs most certainly a beginning (LaRocco Rothstein, n.d.). According to many scientists, the arguments against thesis, Big Bang happened about 15 billion years ago. This event was an enormous explosion “filling all of space with all of the particles of the embryonic universe” (LaRocco Rothstein, n.d.). However, unlike a bomb exploding. Words: 1332 - Pages: 6. . Semisynthesis! Christy Penner Comparative essay The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin ( Wood,2004) and Abigail Adams (Holton, 2009) each depict historical figures before, during, and after the against, American revolution. Respectively, Woody Holton and Gordon S. Wood present unique aspects of Abigail Adams and essay on pubs Benjamin Franklin which highlight societal, institutional, and ideological changes brought about by the American revolution. Holton’s depiction of Abigail Adams provides an in depth analysis of the against frontier thesis, challenges she faces as a wife who assumes the roles typically undertaken by the family patriarch. In wood’s book, the depiction of Benjamin Franklin allows the reader to understand the progressive development of Franklin as he transitions from woolf essays online, a gentleman to an ardent revolutionary. An interesting aspect of Wood’s portrayal of Franklin resides in arguments frontier, his detailed analyses of his contributions to the American Revolution and the generally negative reception he receives upon returning to the independent colonies. Both Wood and Holton chose these individuals, and specifically the overriding topics of each book, in apa citation, order to explain these chosen themes through the perspective of well-known historical figures. Although both authors make interesting arguments, Holton’s research on Abigail Adams presents a more significant contribution to historical research by highlighting her contribution to women’s rights and feminism.

Woody Holton’s work, Abigail Adams (2009) tells the frontier, story of. Words: 1948 - Pages: 8. . mortals do nothing but consume and destroy everything.” The color in peer editing checklist for descriptive, that scene was dark and the soundtrack was just a normal scary sound. The evidence shows that the filmmaker changed the plot and cut and arguments add some scenes, thus the movie had fewer details about the peer editing checklist for descriptive essay, plot. The comparison of the plot, showed that the novel was better in against, the plot development and the audience felt more connected to apa citation doctoral dissertation, the novel better. Characters in the novel were complete and their characteristics became clear as you read the arguments against, book more and more, meanwhile in the movie the director decided to cut some main character from the novel, whom those characters were effective, therefore the novel was again better than the movie. One important character was Marian Ashcroft that was completely cut from the movie at the director’s choice. Essay On Pubs! Instead, her character was combined with Amma to create one “elegant” character, which made Amma both a librarian and arguments like a grandmother to my family, Ethan. In the novel, Marian helped Ethan and Lena a lot, for example she helped them to find and understand The Book Of The Moons, which was a very important book for casters. Arguments Against Thesis! Another parallel scene was the development of the two main characters: Ethan and checklist for descriptive essay Lena. In the novel the details about their personalities were revealed throughout the book and the important one was the time when Ethan touched Lena and saw her moon shaped tattoo, which from this he found out she, was the girl in his dreams. In contrast in the movie, Ethan.

Words: 1399 - Pages: 6. . Arguments Against! Different characters have different personalities. Whether in real life or in a fictional book, all people have their own feelings, personalities or emotions. All characters from The Book Thief are believable because they all have emotions and that is why they should be considered as believable characters because emotions and feelings are what make those characters realistic. For example, Max Vandenburg, Hans and Rosa Hubermann, are believable from woolf essays, The Book Thief. Max with his anger and against frontier Hans and Rosa’s love toward their family are what make them especially believable. First of virginia essays online, all, Max Vandenburg is a Jewish fist-fighter who hides in the Hubermann’s house because of frontier, what Hans owe from his father. “You find a small black room, in sits a scum. He is starving. He is afraid.” (Page 138) This part of the book explained how before Max moved into do my assignment for me? the Hubermann’s house, he used to hide in a small room waiting for arguments frontier thesis his friend.

It definitely showed how lonely Max was while hiding and waiting. This loneliness is apa citation doctoral a very realistic human feeling that makes Max a believable character. Arguments! “In the blue corner, we have the taxol, champion of the world, The Fubhrer… and in the red corner, we have the Jewish, rat-faced challenger –Max Vandenburg.” (Page 251) Loneliness is not the only feeling Max has in the story but also the anger towards Hitler. Arguments! As a Jewish who was constantly being hunted for at that time, he had furious feelings toward Hitler, the taxol, Nazi leader, which made him fantasize about being in. Words: 693 - Pages: 3. . Comparative Essay July 4, 2014 2014 PHSC 210-B14 LUO Tom Williams Introduction Many people today have their thoughts on how the Earth was created. Christians take a biblical perspective of how the universe was created by a creator. One thought that Christians believe is arguments against that God created the earth and who can do my assignment for me? accomplished this in arguments against thesis, six days and rested on the seventh day. This is the model of how a week is set up and peer editing checklist essay the model that we currently follow.

Jon W. Green states “though differences of opinion exist for various doctrinal issues within Christianity, few are more divisive than controversies surrounding the days of creation and the age of the Earth.” As stated previously many people have thoughts and frontier thesis are curious as to how the Earth itself came into existence. When it comes to the scientific community there are two major theories the old earth view and who can do my assignment the young earth view. Against Frontier Thesis! The two conflicting points of view vary in the idea of how long the it took to woolf essays online, create the frontier thesis, earth and how old the who can do my assignment for me?, Earth is. Arguments Against Frontier! Many creationist take the side of believing that the world was created in six twenty-four hours days and that the Earth itself is no more than 6,000 years old. Whereas those who believe in the old earth theories believe that the earth was formed over a longer period of time. There are two concepts of how these happened the online, Big bang theory and the six day creation theory. Against! Each of these relates back to the age of. Words: 1330 - Pages: 6. . Joshua Steel Death is a Synesthete In The Book Thief Death is personified and described as a Synesthete. Synesthetes experience the world differently. A sound is not just heard; it might be perceived as a color.

In the prologues first section “Death and Chocolate” when Death mentions that when you die the only thing he’ll hear “will be my own breathing and apa citation the sound of the smell of against thesis, my footsteps”. Taxol Semisynthesis! In this section Death also tells us about against frontier how he personally likes a dark chocolate colored sky (hence “Death and Chocolate”) though he tries to enjoy the my family essay for class, billion or so flavors of sky to slowly suck on. During the next three sections of the prologue Death immerses himself in the colors; White, Black, and Red. Arguments Against! At first glance these three hues may seem unrelated and almost randomly elected but we later find out some pretty serious sybolism behind this tiny palette of chroma. White, of the most blinding kind. Death assures us that white is indeed a color before he describes the whole globe as “being dressed in snow” while the trees “wear blankets of ice”.

White is often seen as representing puritiy and innocence; two attributes that are also often linked to childhood which is essay for class fitting, since Liesels brother had just died. While Death is collecting the young boy’s soul he wavers and notices a young Liesel in the very midst of her innocence and purity. Black, the darkness before dawn. This time around, Death elucidates the scene of a freshly crashed plane. Words: 254 - Pages: 2. . Comparing Narrative in Fiction and Non-Fiction In this comparative essay, I will be comparing the short story, (1)Jose Armas’, “A Delicate Balance” and a non-fiction work, (2) Philip Ross’, “ The Boy and against frontier the Bank Officer”.

These works are very interesting to read and I was able to understand the theme that each author was trying to get across to taxol semisynthesis, the readers. Arguments Against Thesis! I chose these works based on their similar plot, similar characters, and their unique conclusions. These two works were also a joy to read and it was brief and to the point. There were three characters in these works; in (1) there was the protagonist, Seferino, the antagonist, Romero, and a neutral character, Barelas. Essay On Pubs! In (2) there was the protagonist, Philip Ross, the antagonist, a Bank Officer, and a central character, the arguments against frontier, young boy who the whole story is based on. The protagonist in taxol semisynthesis, each of these works have the round characteristic, they changed their views depending on the situation they were in. In (1), when Seferino saw that Romero was not getting paid for the work, he was quick to offer payment, but when Romero wanted a raise, he just wanted to forget about the whole thing. In (2), Philip was very angry at the fact that the young boy could not withdraw money, but when he found out the reason, his whole outlook changed and he was speechless. The antagonists in these works are very different; in (1) Romero has the round characteristic. When he wasn’t being paid, he did his job very well and had no problems.

As. Words: 1451 - Pages: 6. . Arguments Against Frontier! Comparative Analysis Debate has sparked among residents of the East Park area after the ruination of a “freshly painted” wall of an East Park Cafe. Virginia Essays! The editorial piece ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ written by the editor, published in ‘The Daily Tribute’ 16th July 2009, is written in response to this “puerile cultural vandalism”. The editor slams council officials and the local government for “[dragging their] heels for months” and then “[refusing] to offer support” to local businesses and individuals. One day after the publication of frontier thesis, this editorial piece, Michaela Whitehouse, a member of the taxol, East Park council, writes in response to the article. Whitehouse intends to set the against, facts straight and to “address [the editors] less enlightened remarks” through her angry yet controlled tone. The editor presents his article with the bold, cliche title ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’ capturing the attention of ‘The Daily Tribute’ readers.

Accompanied by a picture dominated by “lurid and tasteless sexual diagrams and obscenities”, the editor is able to apa citation of unpublished doctoral, establish the demoralising effects of graffiti. The graffiti resembling the “ugly” from the title, demonstrates that these “thugs” are not interested in what their finished product looks like; they will continue to “desecrate” properties at their own accord. The opening paragraph of the editorial embeds strong and attention grabbing language enforcing the arguments against frontier, difference between hardworking “entrepreneurs” and “dual-mortgage bearers” and. Words: 590 - Pages: 3. Comparative Essay - the Book Thief. . Paige Ghesquire ENG 3UI – 05 Ms. Wright May 23, 2015 The Kite Runner: The Power of Words “The power of virginia woolf essays, words, written or spoken, have life. They can change the world.” (search quotes). The power of words should not be underestimated.

Liesel proves this to be true in the novel and the film The Book Thief. She uses words to develop relationships with her foster father, Hans Hubermann; Max Vandenburg, the illicit Jew in her basement; and arguments against her neighbours. In the novel The Book Thief by for me?, Markus Zusak there is much more relationship development compared to the film The Book Thief directed by Brian Percival. Frontier Thesis! This consequently causes the theme of the power of taxol semisynthesis, words to be less prominent in the film. The novel The Book Thief develops the relationship between Liesel Meminger and her neighbours more than the film The Book Thief therefore minimizing the theme. First, Liesel and arguments against frontier thesis Rudy become best friends, “Insane or not, Rudy was always destined to be Liesel’s best friend.” (Zusak 48).

Rudy introduced himself to Liesel as soon as she moved in, he developed a liking for semisynthesis her and they soon become best friends. Rudy used his charming, and sometimes insulting, words to arguments frontier thesis, win over Liesel. This develops the theme because it shows that even if one does not want to like someone, their words can change them into do my assignment a likable person. Arguments Against Frontier! Second, Liesel and Frau Hermann develop a relationship, “When she came and essay on pubs stood with an impossibly frail steadfastness, she was holding a tower of books against her. Words: 1736 - Pages: 7. . Comparative Essay: Original creation of the Earth PHSC 210, D03-LUO I. Introduction The old-Earth evolution and young-Earth creation debate has been one that has gone on for centuries.

Each viewpoint seeks to thesis, give an answer to life’s most difficult questions or origins and how the Earth came to be what it resembles today. While the Young Earth viewpoint has remained constant and semisynthesis unchanged throughout the centuries the Old Earth view seems to be continually evolving as new discoveries tend to arguments frontier thesis, discredit previous assumptions. One certainty is that both viewpoints take a dogmatic stance against my family essay for class, each other in regards to the interpretation of scientific evidence. The purpose of this paper is to compare old-Earth and young-Earth viewpoints on the original creation of the Earth. Thesis! II. Peer Checklist Essay! Old-Earth Secular View The old-Earth evolution viewpoint on the original creation of the Earth is the nebular hypothesis. This viewpoint gave birth to arguments against frontier thesis, evolutionary thought concerning origins. “…the history of evolution did not begin in 1859 with Charles Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species,’ but with the publication in do my for me?, 1796 of Pierre Simon Laplace’s so-called nebular hypothesis” (Numbers. 1977). This viewpoint suggests “About 4.6 billion years ago our solar system formed from a cloud of gas and dust which slowly contracted under the mutual gravity of all of its particles” (The Solar Nebula. N.d.).

It is believed that this cloud of gas and dust was spinning at an accelerated rate. Words: 1273 - Pages: 6. . The Book Thief Comparison Essay Liesel Meminger is a smart girl who nearly loses everything she ever loved. Arguments Frontier! On her way to her foster parent’s house her brother dies. Her mother leaves her with people she hardly even knows, but Liesel soon finds something to keep her occupied. She steals books. The first book she stole was a t her brother’s funeral and checklist for descriptive she stole or “borrowed” books from the mayor’s library. Just as things were becoming better for Liesel, something happened that would change her life forever.

She has to help hide Max, a Jew who would be dead if it wasn’t for the Hubermann’s. She learns to frontier, love and care for Max, but he leaves to apa citation, keep the Hubermann’s safe. Against Thesis! Liesel finds more abandonment when an air raid goes off on Himmel Street and Rosa, Hans, and Rudy are all dead. Liesel is the only one to survive because she was in the basement writing her book. Through all of the abandonment in her life there was only one thing that was always there for her; books. The book and the movie The Book Thief have many similarities. One similarity is essay on pubs that in the book and against the movie Rudy gets in trouble for do my assignment for me? pretending to be Jesse Owens. He gets in trouble because he shouldn't want to be someone who is black and he never will be black. Another similarity between the book and the movie is that Liesel gets I trouble for thesis saying that she hates Hitler. Hans doesn't care that she hates Hitler, but in Germany at this time everyone was supposed to be for Hitler.

Lastly, in the.

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Storbyens etiske potentiale – Et essay om etisk ansvarlighed for arguments against thesis ’den fremmede’ i storbyen. Vi lever i en verden af fremmede – af mennesker, som er forskellige fra os selv. Modet med ’den fremmede’ er saledes en livsbetingelse i det senmoderne, globaliserede samfund[1] og det er netop dette uundgaelige mode med ’den fremmede’, som essayet her tager afs?t i. Rammen er storbyen, da modet med den fremmede n?sten er blevet et ikon for forstaelsen af det urbane liv. Storbyen anskues, i en sociologisk optik, ofte ud fra et ambivalent perspektiv, for essay on pubs udover forandring, fascination og f?llesskab indeholder storbyen ogsa f?nomener som frygt, usikkerhed og fremmedgorelse[2]. Frontier Thesis. For sociologen Zygmund Bauman udgor byen et mikrokosmos, hvor mange af de s?rlige problemer og f?nomener, der konfronterer vores samtid forstorres og forst?rkes. Med afs?t i Emmanuel Levinas’ f?nomenologiske n?rhedsetik anser Bauman ?stetiseringen/sansningen af ’den anden’ som noget, der skaber distance til det andet menneske i stedet for apa citation of unpublished doctoral dissertation n?rhed og som, ifolge Levinas, er den etiske fordrings kilde. Ud fra Baumans betragtning er storbyens pr?misser saledes ikke forenelige med en virksom etisk ansvarlighed for arguments den anden i byen, da der i storbyens t?tbefolket rum er en reel farer for, at doctoral dissertation, det andet menneske bliver modt som et fjernt og fremmed objekt, der blot iagttages uden etisk ansvar. Begrundelsen for at arguments, skrive dette essay, er en holdning, som synes at virginia, have bredt sig – ikke bare blandt sociologer, men i al almindelighed – om, at der i storbyen ikke er rum for arguments frontier thesis samme n?rhed og ansvarlighed i modet med ’den anden’. En holdning som det er v?rd at dv?le lidt ved og ikke mindst er det v?rd, at for class, undersoge dens grundlag og en potentiel alternativ opfattelse. for f?nomener som frygt, u et ambivalent perspektiv for udover fascination anskuet som et sted hvor f?nomener som frygt, Sporgsmalet, dette essay vil forsoge at arguments against frontier, besvare, er derfor, hvorvidt storbyens pr?misser er uforenelige med en virksom etisk ansvarlighed for den fremmede i byen?

Med afs?t i nogle sociologiske betragtninger af det urbane liv vil der blive argumenteret for, at apa citation of unpublished doctoral dissertation, storbyens enorme menneskem?ngde af fremmede gor, at man distancerer sig, hvilket rummer en risiko for against frontier thesis en objektificering af den anden. Assignment. Som en potentiel vej ud af denne opfattelse, der ikke levner meget hab for en virksom etik overfor den anden i byen, argumenteres der for, at arguments, den danske filosof Knud E. Logstrups f?nomenologiske n?rhedsetik indeholder et bud pa, hvordan etisk ansvarlighed for taxol den anden ligeledes gor sig g?ldende i storbyens mylder af fremmede. Det urbane liv er, i en sociologisk kontekst, ofte blevet et element i analyser om det senmoderne samfund. For en etisk vurdering af byen ma der knyttes nogle kommentarer til en generel vurdering af det urbane liv. Baumans sociologiske analyse vil sta i fokus, men ogsa andre sociologiske betragtninger vil blive hevet ind, for at arguments thesis, danne et helhedsbillede af storbyens ambivalente karakter.

Ifolge Bauman er et grundvilkar for byen, at man hele tiden konfronteres med ’den fremmede’; ” City life is carried on of unpublished by Strangers among strangers” [3] . Byen er med andre ord ”A world og strangers” [4] – et rum befolket med mennesker, som er personligt ukendte for hinanden. Arguments Thesis. Modet med den fremmede bliver en uundgaelig betingelse for do my for me? det at leve et urbant liv. Arguments Against. Konfrontationen med den fremmede bliver en kilde til frygt, fordi fremmedhed implicerer fremmedfrygt. Apa Citation. Grunden til det er, at den fremmede truer vores livsverdens tryghedsskabende kategorier[5]. Termen ’den fremmede’ er indtil videre blevet brugt i fl?ng uden en egentlig specificering af denne. Sa hvem er den fremmede?

Den fremmed er en ambivalent karakter. Against. Han er hverken naboen eller udl?ndingen, men begge dele pa en forvirrende made. Semisynthesis. N?re udl?ndinge og udenlandske naboer[6]. Fremmedfrygten er et produkt af den fremmedes ambivalente karakter og livet i byen er derfor pr?get af kampen for at mindske fremmedheden. Arguments Frontier Thesis. Nar mennesker bliver bombaderet med nye indtryk, nar det sociale liv bliver mere og mere mediteret og nar medborgerne i stigende grad agerer ud fra egeninteresser, bliver resultatet social distance. My Family. Man forsoger at holde fremmedheden v?k ved at arguments frontier thesis, leve et trygt liv bag indhegninger og nar man uundgaeligt moder den fremmede, handteres han/hun med bevidst uopm?rksomhed. Who Can Do My. Distancen kan ses som en selvbeskyttende strategi, der netop er nodvendig for at indd?mme den latente frastodning og afsky, som let bliver resultatet af storbyens kropslige t?thed[7]. Arguments. Distancen gor det altsa muligt for mennesker at essay on pubs, sameksistere med alle disse ukendte andre.

Filosoffen og sociologen Georg Simmel kommer i sit essay ’Metropolis and mental life’ ind pa, hvordan de utallige moder, indtryk og interaktioner, den moderne by bestar af, bliver en mental tilstand, som f?ster sig i byboernes indre. Et andet mentalt f?nomen, som karakteriserer storbyen, er individualisering og frihed. Against Frontier Thesis. Mennesket agerer individuelt inden for det mulighedsfelt, der stilles til radighed, men bagsiden af frihedens medalje er ensomhed. Virginia Woolf. Endvidere fordrer individualiseringen en mistilid, eller maske blot en skrobelig tillid til det andet mennesket. Arguments Against Frontier. Simmels karakterisering af storbyen er blevet taget op og videreudviklet af andre sociologer. Essay On Pubs. I Lyn. Thesis. H. Essay On Pubs. Loflands bog ’A World of Strangers’ papeges det, at kosmopolitten har en dobbelt strategi.

Pa den ene side behandles den kaotiske og meningslose verden af fremmede ved at kategorisere menneskem?ngden. Against Thesis. F?nomener som ghettodannelse og segregation kan siges at semisynthesis, v?re et bevis herfor. Against. Pa den anden side skaber byboere et skjold af privathed omkring sig ved hj?lp af kropslig manovrering[8]. Hvis man bor i storbyen kender man det. Essay On Pubs. Det involverer mader at against frontier, bev?ge sig pa, ansigtsudtryk og is?r undvigelse af kropslig kontakt. Essay Kg. Anthony Giddens omtaler disse f?nomener som ’hoflig fremmedhed’. Against. Sociologen Ricard Sennet har ogsa oje for apa citation doctoral denne omgangsform. Thesis. I moderne vestlige byer har urbane fremmede, frem for at tale med hinanden, ret til at essay on pubs, blive ladt i fred. Frontier Thesis. Sennets betragtning er let at editing essay, genkende. Arguments Against Frontier Thesis. Regel nr. 1 i bussen er at, hvis der er ledige pladser, s?tter man sig aldrig ved siden af nogen.

Hvis man alligevel gor det, taler man med sikkerhed ikke til dem. Peer For Descriptive Essay. Det er n?rmere uhofligt end hofligt at henvende sig uopfordret til en fremmede i bussen, da det ses som en kr?nkelse af den andens privatsf?re. Arguments Frontier Thesis. Tavsheden gor det muligt at for class, ignorere tilstedev?relsen af de fremmede, eller i hvert fald at holde den ude af sin mentale verden. Against Frontier Thesis. Et andet f?nomen i storbyen er, at peer checklist for descriptive essay, nar noget us?dvanligt sker i det offentlige rum, lader man som om det ikke var sket. Arguments Against. Det kan v?re alt fra en sk?nderi pa gaden eller en slaskamp i byen til en tigger foran Netto. De fleste har den samme attitude overfor fremmede – man kigger den anden vej og ignorerer det us?dvanlige. Fremmedhed handteres saledes ved at der l?gges social distance til den fremmede, der saledes ikke l?ngere modes som et unikt menneske, men pa distanceret vis reduceret til et objekt, der blot er en del af storbyens anonyme masse. Distanceringen rummer et etisk problem, for peer editing for descriptive essay nar moderne med den fremmede undgas/ignoreres er der en farer for, at frontier thesis, ansvarsfolelsen oph?ves.

En udbredt opfattelse er forestillingen om min verden. Maske en ubevidst, men samtidig velkendt, forestilling hos de fleste. Det er tanken om at of unpublished doctoral dissertation, den verden, hvor jeg har mit liv, horer de andre ikke med til. Against Thesis. De andre er uden for essay on pubs min verden og kun fra tid til anden tangerer de den[9]. Forestillingen rummer en selvfolgelighed, som maske endda er mere selvfolgelig i storbyen. Arguments Frontier Thesis. Baumans argument, for taxol en oph?velse af ansvarsfolelsen over for against frontier den anden, stammer som sagt fra Levinas’ n?rhedsetik, hvor n?rhed er ensbetydende med ansvar. Ifolge Levinas kan den anden person ikke forstas som en virkelig anden, hvis man blot t?nker personen som led i en totalitet.

Vi l?rer kun hinanden at taxol, kende, for arguments frontier thesis sa vidt jeg abner mig for den anden og anerkender, at my family, den anden som sadan har en ret overfor min egen egoisme og over for min vilje til at arguments thesis, besidde alt. Semisynthesis. Man bliver qua n?rhed ansvarlig for against frontier den anden, men i storbyen erstattes n?rhed med distance, og saledes lader en etisk ansvarlighed for essay on pubs det andet menneske sig ikke gore. Jeg er ansvarlig pa grund af min n?rhed til den anden. Men pa trods af at forestillingen, om min og din verden som v?rende uforenelige, er en antaget selvfolgelighed hos mange, er den nodvendigvis ikke sand. I Logstrups v?rk ’Den Etiske Fordring’ er det netop denne forestilling, der gores op med og som modsvar kommer han med buddet om, vi b?rer den anden i vores h?nder og saledes altid har et ansvar for den anden. Logstrups afgorende synspunkt er, at menneskelige relationer b?res af tillid. Selv skriver han, at tillid i element?r forstand horer menneskets tilv?relse til[10].

Det er ikke kun tilf?ldet, nar vi moder mennesker vi kender, men ogsa nar vi moder fremmede. Arguments Against Frontier. Mistilliden er ikke en umulighed, men der skal s?rlige omst?ndigheder til for, at essay on pubs, vi pa forhand star over for en fremmede med mistillid, hvilket ikke afkr?fter, men snarer bekr?fter, tillid som en fundamental karakter hos mennesket. Against Frontier Thesis. ” Pa forhand tror vi hinandens ord, pa forhand har vi tillid til hinanden. Woolf. Det er maske m?rkeligt nok, men det horer med til at v?re menneske ”[11] Mennesket udleverer sig tillidsfuldt til hinanden. Arguments Against Frontier. I lyset af denne betragtning er storbyens distance ikke uforenelig med en virksom etik, da om den anden er en man kender, eller fremmede ikke gor en forskel for apa citation doctoral dissertation den etiske fordring. Arguments Frontier. Byens upersonlige samliv er saledes ikke uforeneligt med et etisk ideal. Logstrup gar sa langt som til at virginia essays, h?vde, at den enkelte aldrig har med et andet mennesket at gore uden, at han holder noget af dets liv i sin hand. Arguments Frontier. Maske kun meget lidt, som f.eks. Peer Editing Checklist For Descriptive. en forbigaende stemning, men pointen er den samme, nemlig den, at against frontier thesis, man altid har et ansvar overfor den anden for, som han siger: ” vi er hinandens verden og hinandens sk?bne” [12] . Sporgsmalet er nu, hvorfor vi som regel ser bort fra dette. Logstrup kommer selv med nogle bud. My Family Essay. For det forste peger han pa, at det er en almindelig filosofisk iagttagelse, at det er de mest element?re f?nomener, som horer vores eksistens til, vi sidst bliver opm?rksomme pa. Den anden grund er ifolge Logstrup, at tanken om at arguments thesis, vi har det andet menneske i vores hand, er en skr?mmende og foruroligende tanke. Of Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation. Med den etiske fordring horer kravet om, at arguments, vi altid b?rer et ansvar ikke bare for eget liv, men for alle andre menneskers.

Baumans’ betragtning om storbyen levner som sagt ikke meget hab for my family essay for class det gode liv i byen forstaet som virksom etik for den anden. Arguments Frontier. Logstrups n?rhedstik er universelt funderet og ma saledes altid allesteds gore sig g?ldende, om det er i storbyen eller i provinsen. Essay On Pubs. Bauman og Logstrup skitserer to forskellige mader, hvorpa modet med den fremmede kan forega – med distance og n?rhed. Against Frontier. Sporgsmalet er nu, hvilke mulighedsbetingelser, som ma v?re tilstede, for at assignment for me?, mode den fremmede med en etisk ansvarsfolelse? Ud fra overstaende betragtninger synes n?rhed at v?re nodvendige betingelse for, at vi ser det andet menneske som menneske og ikke blot som et objekt, som ikke er en del af min verden. Selvom Logstrup ubetvivleligt tror pa, at det horer menneskets tilv?relse til at mode den anden med tillid, ser han ikke bort fra at det omvendte, at vi moder den anden med mistilid, ogsa kan lade sig gore under s?rlige omst?ndigheder. Ud fra Baumans og forn?vnte sociologiske betragtninger om det urbane liv kan storbyen netop betegnes som et rum, hvor s?rlige omst?ndigheder gor sig g?ldende og mennesket har maske derfor har tendens til at frontier thesis, opleve den anden med mistillid.

En af storbyens karakteristika er udover den enorme menneskemasse at man, som beboer i byen, uds?ttes for taxol et hav af muligheder og indtryk. Against Thesis. Kosmopolitten benytter sig af en selvbeskyttende strategi for at essay on pubs, reducere denne kompleksitet og resultatet bliver social distance. Som n?vnt tidligere fordre individualiseringen en mistillid, eller i hvert fald en skrobelige tillid til det andet menneske. For Logstrup er netop tillid fundamentet og mulighedsbetingelsen for, at n?rhed og saledes den etiske fordring lader sig realisere. Man kan i det perspektiv anskue storbyen som en undtagelsestilstand, hvor man ikke moder det andet menneske med tillid, men snarer mistillid. I forl?ngelse af storbyen som undtagelsestilstand, kan man se storbyen som et sted, hvor det andet menneske bliver til blot biologisk liv. Against. Ud fra den betragtning oploses ethvert n?rv?r – modet med den andet bliver et blot ?stetisk mode, man ikke b?rer en etisk ansvarsfolelse overfor. Som det fremgar af overstaende, er den fremmede en flertydig figur, der er blevet fremh?vet som en uundgaelig betingelse for at leve et urbant liv.

Modet med den fremmede giver anledning til inklusion/eksklusion, kropslig manovrering og fascination og frygt. Jeg har i dette essay forsogt at do my assignment for me?, undersoge, hvorvidt storbyen har et etisk potentiale. Against. Fremmedheden handteres ifolge Bauman ved, at der l?gges social distance til den fremmede, der saledes ikke l?ngere modes som et unikt menneske, men pa distanceret vis reduceres til en ansigtslos del af byens anonyme masse. Essay On Pubs. Nar modet med den fremmede forhindres, oph?ves ansvarsfolelsen, idet de situationer pr?get af n?rheden til det andet menneske, hvor den fremmede tildeles moralsk betydning, udelukkes. Arguments Frontier Thesis. Med udgangspunkt i Logstrups’ n?rhedsetik blev der abnet op for ideen om, at virginia woolf essays online, alt sansning af det andet mennesket rummer etisk potentiale, idet den etiske fordring ikke skelner mellem kendt, bekendt eller fremmede. I ’Den Etiske Fordring’ ligger et universelt bud om, at against frontier thesis, vi er hinandens verden og at who can assignment, vi altid moder den anden med tillid, med mindre s?rlige omst?ndigheder gor sig g?ldende.

Sporgsmalet er om storbyen kan ses som et rum, hvor netop s?rlige omst?ndigheder gor sig g?ldende og man derfor har tendens til, at against frontier thesis, mode den fremmede med mistillid snarer end tillid. Peer Checklist For Descriptive. Min hensigt har ikke v?ret at against frontier, komme med en endegyldig konklusion for hvordan skulle en sadan lyde? Alligevel kan man, med udgangspunkt i overstaende t?nkere, se n?rhed som en betingelse for en etisk ansvarsfolelse for essay on pubs den fremmede i byen. At sige at n?rhed slet ikke finder sted i storbyen, er maske at ga for arguments langt. Essay On Pubs. Den enorme strom af indtryk og mennesker, som fremstar fremmede/ukendte for os, gor det sv?rt at arguments against frontier thesis, fole n?rv?r til hver enkelt og der er en reel farer for, at taxol, objektivisere de andre. Alligevel mener jeg ikke, at against thesis, man per se kan afskrive storbyen som etisk, men derimod at my family, den rummer et potentiale til, at arguments against, jeg pa sanselig vis kommer i stemt n?rv?r med det liv, som fordrer mig etisk. Bauman, Zygmunt 1995: Life in essay on pubs, Fragments: Essays in arguments against, Postmodern Morality. Do My. Oxford: Blackwell.

Bauman, Zygmunt 2005: ”At soge ly i Pandoras ?ske, eller frygt, sikkerhed og storbyen” i: Dansk sociologi. Bauman, Zygmunt. Against Frontier Thesis. 2011. Do My Assignment. Globalisering- De menneskelige konsekvenser. Hans Reizels forlang. Koefoed. Lasse og Simonsen. Kristian. Arguments Against Thesis. 2010. Den fremmede, byen og nationen – om livet som etnisk minoritet.

Roskilde universitetsforlag. Logstrup. Taxol. Knud. E 1991. Against. Den Etiske Fordring. Who Can. Opslag 13. Arguments Against Thesis. Udgave 2. My Family Essay For Class. Nordisk forlag A.S. Suonpera Lasee Liebst.

Etikken i den maskerede by arguments against, – Om Baumans etiske afvisning af den postmoderne bys ?stetisering.