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Legalisation of cannabis discursive essay

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Legalisation of cannabis discursive essay

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Legalization of cannabis essay marijuana legalization persuasive

Atoms: Electron and Atom Essay example. matter in a cathode-ray tube was not made of legalisation essay light waves, as the almost. unanimous opinion of German physicists held. Rather, cathode rays were. negatively charged particles boiling off the negative cathode and sex education essays, attracted to. the positive anode. These particles could be deflected by an electric field and. bent into legalisation essay curved paths by a magnetic field. They were much lighter than. hydrogen atoms and were identical what ever the gas through which the discharge. passes if gas was introduced into the tube. Since they were lighter than the. lightest known kind of acknowledgement paper matter and identical regardless of the kind of legalisation matter. they were born from, it followed that they must be some basic constituent part. of matter, and if they were a part, then there must be a whole. The real, physical electron implied a real, physical atom: the particulate theory of. matter was therefore justified for assignment, the first time convincingly by physical. experiment.

They sang success at the annual Cavendish dinner. Of Cannabis Essay. Armed with the sex education, electron, and knowing from other experiment that what was. left when electrons were stripped away from an atom was much more massive. remainder that was positively charged, Thomson went on in the next decade to. develop a model of the atom that came to legalisation discursive essay, be called the plum pudding model. The Thomson atom, a number of negatively electrified corpuscles enclosed in a. sphere of uniform positive electrification like raisins in a pudding, was a. hybrid: particulate electrons and ib economics essay, diffuse remainder. It served the useful. purpose of demonstrating mathematically that electrons could be arranged in a. stable configurations within an legalisation of cannabis essay atom and that the paper, mathematically stable. arrangements could account for the similarities and regularities among chemical. elements that the periodic table of the elements displays. It was becoming. clear that the electrons were responsible for chemical affinities between. elements, that chemistry was ultimately electrical. Thomson just missed discovering X rays in of cannabis 1884. He was not so unlucky. in legend as the Oxford physicist Frederick Smith, who found that photographic. plates kept near a cathode-ray tube were liable to example, be fogged and merely told his. assistant to move them to another place. Thomson noticed that glass tubing held. at a distance of some feet from the discharge-tube fluoresced just as the wall. of the legalisation of cannabis discursive, tube itself did when bombarded with cathode rays, but he was too intent. on studying the rays themselves to purse the cause. Rontgen isolated the essay of maryland, effect. by covering his cathode-ray tube with black paper.

When a nearby screen of. florescent material still glowed he realized that whatever was causing the. screen to glow was passing through the paper and legalisation discursive essay, intervening with the air. If. he held his hand between the covered tube and the screen, his hand slightly. reduced the glow on the screen but in the dark shadow he could see his bones. Rontgen's discovery intrigued other researchers beside J.J. Thomson and.

Ernest Rutherford. The Frenchman Hernri Becquerel was a third-generation. physicist who, like his father and grandfather before him, occupied the chair of. physics at the Musee Historie in Pairs; like them also he was an expert on. phosphorescence and fluorescence. In his case, particular of uranium. He heard. a report of Rontgen's. Related Documents: Atoms: Electron and Atom Essay example. Hitler: Atom and Atomic Theory Essay. changes when it absorbs or emits light. In Term. When light is absorbed, the electrons move to higher energy levels, or orbitals, around the nucleus. Light is emitted when these electrons lose energy and step down in levels. Because of these new discoveries about energy levels of electrons, Bohr proposed a new model for the atom. Greek era Democritus by convention bitter, by of cannabis discursive convention sweet, but in reality atoms and void Discovery: 400 BC Contribution to example assignment, atomic theory: 1.All matter consists of. Words 504 - Pages 3. Discursive. , annotations and conventions used in the Mark Scheme 1. (a) isotope 69 71 protons 31 31 number of neutrons 38 40 electrons 31 31 [2] Ga Ga (b) deflection/ acceleration/ accelerator ignore ‘atoms’ beyond 1st stage ionisation/ electron bombardment/ ioniser not electron gun detection/ detector deflector ignore ‘what deflects’ [4] (c) (i) average mass/weighted mean/average mass of an atom / the isotopes compared with carbon-12 1/12th of mass of carbon-12/on a scale where.

Words 946 - Pages 4. In Term Paper. electron in the orbital. 3. Using the of cannabis essay, trends for atomic size across a period and down a group. Acknowledgement In Term. Explain how this affects the electronegativity and ionization energy of an atom. Include in you answer the shielding effect of the electrons. Atomic size affects the electronegativity because when it goes from top to bottom it decreases value and then it increases when it moves left to right across the periodic table.

For the ionization energy it increases from left to right and discursive, decreases when it. Words 759 - Pages 4. Atom and Valence Electrons Unit Essay. : Atomic Structure- 1. Isotopes- Atoms of the same element with different mass numbers Unit 3: Moles amp; Nuclear Chemistry- Half-life Problems- 1. Carbon-14 is used for dating. Assignment. It has a half-line of 5730 years. If it is the year 2010 and we know a sample has decomposed from 1.00g to 0.125 grams how old is this sample? What year did the sample originate in? 2. How much will of a 10g radioactive sample will remain after 2 minutes when its half-life is only 8 seconds?

Nuclear. Words 520 - Pages 3. Legalisation Discursive. Atom and Game Chemical Reactions Essay. one of the four major elements in the human body? a. b. c. d. Sex Education Essays. Hydrogen Calcium Nitrogen Oxygen © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay. BACK TO GAME Atoms: $200 Question The atomic number is always equal to essays, the number of legalisation of cannabis _______ in coursework an atom. Of Cannabis Essay. a. b. c. d. protons electrons neutrons protons and neutrons ANSWER © 2013 Pearson Education, Inc. BACK TO GAME Atoms: $200 Answer The atomic number is always equal to the number of _______ in an atom. a. About Flaw. Words 1788 - Pages 8. Essay about Atom and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds. for most other substances 42. 100 times 43. Legalisation Of Cannabis. Polar covalent bonds 44. Ib Economics Essay Questions. A hydrogen bond 45.

The electrons shared between the oxygen and of cannabis discursive essay, hydrogen atoms spend more time around the sex education essays, oxygen atom nucleus than around the hydrogen atom nucleus 46. Dissociates completely in an aqueous solution 47. A decrease in the concentration of H2CO3 and an increase in the concentration of HCO3- 48. Ammonia is being formed and decomposed simultaneously. 49. Forward and reverse reactions continue with no net effect on the concentrations of the reactants and products. 50. Of Cannabis Discursive. It would drive the equilibrium dynamics to the left.

51. The reactions will be driven to the right 52. 2007 R E Coursework. The pH will decrease 53. O2>CO2>MgCl2. Words 453 - Pages 2. Atom and Negative Particles Essay. ?Democritus 440 All matter is made up of atoms Atomos /Atoms- small, invisible, indestructible and legalisation of cannabis essay, physically indivisible particles which are infinite in number Issac Newton 1704 Defined the laws of gravity and motion Newton#x27;s law of gravity-all objects attract everything other object in the universe with gravitational forces.

Atoms are solid, hard, impenetrable, moveable particles Newton’s laws of gravity and motion -atoms are held together by opposing forces. John Dalton 1803 Proposed an. Words 437 - Pages 2. Essay about Atom and Causes Little Pollution. /radiation Radioactivity is the spontaneous emission of particles or energy (alpha, beta or gamma radiation) from the nucleus of an atom. This occurs when the nucleus is not stable and therefore breaks down. 3 5.7 5.7.1 a 5.7.1 b 5.7.1 c Relates properties of elements, compounds and mixtures to scientific models, theories and laws Particle in the atom Particle charge Where particle is found Proton Positive In the nucleus Neutron Neutral In the nucleus Electron. Words 3378 - Pages 14.

Essay on Atom and Share Valence Electrons. electrically charged atom or group of atoms formed bythe loss or gain of one or more electrons, as a cation, which is created by essay electron loss and isattracted to the cathode in electrolysis, or as an anion,which is legalisation, created by an electron gain and isattracted to the anode. 20 Control group A group of subject’s closelyresembling the treatment group in many demographic variables butnot receiving the active medication or factor under study andthereby serving as a comparison group when treatment results. Words 690 - Pages 3. nucleus. These orbits have definite energies called energy shells or energy levels. Othello's Tragic Flaw. In the orbit the electron acceleration doesn#x27;t result in radiation and legalisation discursive essay, energy loss. Electrons can only gain and lose energy from jumping to one orbit to sex education essays, another.

Thomson said that electrons came out of the trace gas that is inside the legalisation, cathode tube. He also discovered the electron and proved that the atom was made of electrons, neutrons, and sex education essays, protons. He also proved it was divisible. He also made the suggestions that the atom was neutrally charged. As well he made the suggestion the legalisation discursive essay, atom was a sphere. Thomson finally said that the positive charges were surrounded by the electric charges due to 2007 r e coursework, electrostatic forces.

Words 361 - Pages 2. * Test names and legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the example assignment, trademark holders are affiliated with this website. All content of site and of cannabis discursive, tests copyright 2017 Study Mode, LLC.

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R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A “Cult,” Parents Told Police. As the legalisation RB legend tours the country this summer, parents have told police that R. Kelly is running an abusive cult that's tearing families apart. Three former members of essay for university of maryland Kelly’s inner circle told BuzzFeed News similar stories. Backstage at discursive the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California, on May 23, 2015, J. was thrilled that her 19-year-old daughter’s music career was going to make a major leap forward from recording demos and application essay of maryland, performing at legalisation discursive essay talent shows to essays the chance of stardom — thanks to the help of an RB superstar. “When we got to go backstage with R. Kelly, we stayed there over two hours,” said J. “One-on-one with just me and my daughter and him. We went back to talk about the legalisation essay music. He listened to her CD.

He was going to help her with her CD, and I was really impressed with him at first, because I have always been an R. Kelly fan.” J. Ib Economics Essay. said that Robert “R.” Kelly, who turned 50 in January, met her daughter backstage at a concert in Atlanta earlier that month. Of Cannabis. Soon enough, he’d invited her to fly out to the Indio concert on his dime. J. said she’d heard about past sexual misconduct accusations against Kelly, but wasn’t overly worried. She is a fiercely devoted stage mom — she and in term paper, her husband of 22 years, Tim, a car dealer, had moved from Memphis to Atlanta to help their eldest child’s career — and was confident she could protect her daughter. “In the back of our minds, we were thinking [my daughter] could be around him if I was with her,” J. said. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive Essay. “It didn’t really hit home. Even with the tragic Aaliyah situation, now that I think about it, ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number’ . but you don’t think about that. You grew up with the song, and you like the song.” Two years later, J. and Tim are in a desperate fight to discursive bring their daughter home. (BuzzFeed News verified their identities and full names in public records, but is essay, withholding the of cannabis essay alleged victim's full name and her parents' last name to protect her privacy.) As part of their efforts, the mother closed her businesses, became a relentless amateur detective, and shared her findings with the essay of maryland FBI and police in two states. But their daughter isn’t a missing person — at least not in the eyes of the law.

She still lives with Kelly and essay, says she’s doing fine, despite her parents telling the police that she is “being held against her will” in what they call a “cult.” Three former members of coursework Kelly’s inner circle — Cheryl Mack, Kitti Jones, and Asante McGee — provided details supporting the parents’ worst fears. They said six women live in properties rented by Kelly in Chicago and the Atlanta suburbs, and he controls every aspect of their lives: dictating what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters that he records. The last time J. saw her daughter was Dec. 1, 2016.

“It was as if she was brainwashed. [She] looked like a prisoner — it was horrible,” she said. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive. “I hugged her and hugged her. But she just kept saying she’s in love and acknowledgement in term, [Kelly] is the one who cares for legalisation essay, her. I don’t know what to example assignment do. I hope that if I get her back, I can get her treatment for victims of cults. They can reprogram her. Of Cannabis Essay. But I wish I could have stopped it from essay for university, happening.” J. and Tim said they have only legalisation heard from about tragic, their daughter twice since they last saw her.

They got a one-sentence text from discursive essay, her on Christmas Day: “I hate Christmas has to be this way this year.” And J. received another text on May 14: “Happy Mother’s Day from acknowledgement in term, me and Rob.” R. Kelly performing at legalisation of cannabis discursive essay the James L. Knight Center on assignment, Oct. 17, 2013, in Miami. Kelly has sold nearly 60 million albums during his 25-year career, and though his relevance is fading somewhat from the heyday of “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Trapped in the Closet,” he remains a major star in high demand for concerts, endorsements, television and radio appearances, and glossy magazine profiles.

When he’s not performing, Kelly splits his time between his suburban Atlanta home and Trump Tower in Chicago. Extensive interviews with Mack, Jones, and McGee and a review of legal documents by BuzzFeed News paint a picture of what Kelly’s life offstage is like today. The women in legalisation of cannabis essay, Kelly’s entourage initially think “This is R. Kelly, I’m going to live a lavish lifestyle,” said Mack, who worked as Kelly’s personal assistant for a year and a half starting in 2013 and has remained in touch with some members of his inner circle. “No. You have to ask for food. You have to ask to go use the bathroom. … [Kelly] is a master at mind control. . He is example, a puppet master.” Jones and McGee both said they lived with Kelly and essay, had sexual relationships with the star at different times over the past five years before leaving. Their documentation of this time is ib economics essay, limited, however, as they said Kelly controlled their phone and social media use while they were under his roof, and legalisation of cannabis essay, they were not allowed to questions take photos with Kelly or of the rooms where they were living.

According to Mack, Jones, and McGee, the women living in Kelly’s Duluth, Georgia, “guest house” or his Chicago recording studio last summer included: A 31-year-old “den mother” who “trained” newcomers on how Kelly liked to be pleasured sexually. She had been best friends since high school with the girl in the videotape for which Kelly was tried in 2008. She recently parted ways with Kelly, these sources say. Of Cannabis Discursive. A 25-year-old woman who also has been part of Kelly’s scene for about othello's flaw, seven years. A recent arrival, a 19-year-old model who has been photographed in public with Kelly and named on music gossip websites — a rarity among the women in his circle. An Atlanta songwriter who began her relationship with Kelly around 2009, when she was 19. (She is now 26.) And an 18-year-old singer from Polk County, Florida. Mack said the Florida singer is Kelly’s “favorite — his number-one girl.” Mack, Jones, and McGee claim that women who live with Kelly, who he calls his “babies,” are required to call him “Daddy” and must ask his permission to leave the Chicago recording studio or their assigned rooms in legalisation of cannabis discursive, the “guest house” Kelly rents near his own rented mansion in ib economics essay, suburban Atlanta. A black SUV with a burly driver behind the wheel is almost always parked outside both locations.

Kelly confiscates the women’s cell phones, they said, so they cannot contact their friends and family; he gives them new phones that they are only allowed to use to contact him or others with his permission. Kelly films his sexual activities, McGee and Jones said, and shows the videos to men in discursive essay, his circle. Mack, the star’s former personal assistant, said Kelly almost always tells the women to dress in jogging suits because “he doesn’t want their figures to application for university be exposed; he doesn’t want them to look appealing.” She said when other men are in the same room, Kelly “would make the legalisation of cannabis girls turn around and face the wall in their jogging suits because he doesn’t want them to be looked at sex education essays by anyone else.” If the women break any of Kelly’s “rules,” Mack and Jones said, he punishes them physically and legalisation, verbally. For example, Jones claimed that Kelly held her against a tree and slapped her outside of assignment a Subway sandwich shop in spring 2013 because she had been too friendly with the male cashier there. Legalisation Of Cannabis. McGee said she never saw Kelly hit anybody, but also said he was running a “cult” and manipulated her emotionally and sexually. “R. Kelly is the sweetest person you will ever want to meet,” McGee said. “But Robert is the devil.” Of course, the law says that consenting adults may take part in any relationship they want, no matter how nontraditional.

Welfare checks by police in sex education, both Illinois and Georgia in the past year didn’t lead to any charges; in January, the legalisation of cannabis aspiring singer from essay for university of maryland, Georgia told Cook County police she was “fine and did not want to be bothered.” And all of the women in Kelly’s inner circle are of legal age — the legalisation discursive essay age of consent is assignment, 17 in legalisation of cannabis essay, Illinois and ib economics questions, 16 in discursive, Georgia — despite Kelly’s history of allegations against essay about othello's flaw, him regarding his sexual conduct with women. He was last tried in legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, 2008 in Illinois, where he was acquitted on acknowledgement in term, 14 charges of making child pornography. The case, which took a record six and legalisation discursive essay, a half years to go to trial in Chicago, focused only on a single videotape that prosecutors alleged showed him having sex with a 14-year-old girl. (While he was a reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times, this reporter received the tape anonymously and turned it over to the police; called by Kelly's attorneys to essay about testify, he took the Fifth Amendment rather than revealing sources.) The trial, however, excluded claims made by girls or their parents that alleged Kelly regularly abused his position of fame and influence to pursue illegal sexual relationships with underage girls — which has also been the subject of a dozen or more civil lawsuits against Kelly that were settled out of court with cash payments from Kelly. The girls signed nondisclosure agreements when they accepted the legalisation discursive essay payments. Acknowledgement Paper. Also excluded was evidence of Kelly’s marriage in discursive, 1994 to his then-15-year-old protege, Aaliyah, for whom he wrote the ib economics album Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number. Chicago attorney Susan E. Loggans declined to say how many settlements she has negotiated with Kelly before lawsuits were ever filed, but she said they were “numerous,” and recently included one for a 17-year-old aspiring singer from Chicago’s West Side who is legalisation of cannabis essay, said to have been part of Kelly’s inner circle. Loggans gave no other details, citing attorney-client privilege and the terms of the 2007 coursework settlement.

Kelly also has been sued by of cannabis discursive, other attorneys representing women over the age of consent in their respective states. Essay Of Maryland. In 2002, an Illinois lawsuit was filed by Montina Woods, a dancer who toured with Kelly’s friend Ronald Isley, in which Woods claimed she was unknowingly recorded by Kelly during sex. (Kelly eventually settled the suit, paying Woods an undisclosed sum.) And on April 21, a Mississippi lawsuit was filed by Hinds County sheriff’s deputy Kenny Bryant over an alleged affair between Kelly and Bryant’s wife. The music industry has a history of of cannabis discursive essay stars using their fame to gain the trust of young women — and their parents — who expect professional relationships but end up in sexual ones. Ib Economics Essay Questions. But numerous sources, including women who left his inner circle, made on-the-record allegations suggesting ongoing mental and physical abuse of discursive essay several women in Kelly’s entourage far beyond that of the groupie culture. For two decades, Kelly has been accused of othello's flaw a similar pattern of mistreating women — some have called it “predation” — but because of his acquittal on the child-porn charges and the nondisclosure agreements in his numerous civil cases, the charges have remained in the realm of gossip instead of derailing his career.

Major record companies, television shows, and other stars continue to work with Kelly. Lady Gaga recorded the duet “Do What U Want” with Kelly in 2013, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla Sign, and Juicy J made cameos on Kelly’s 2015 album The Buffet , and legalisation, he performed on acknowledgement in term, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last December. He recently starred in a digital campaign for Alexander Wang. “I got trapped,” said former insider Jones. “I had people telling me I was an idiot. Discursive. But it took me a long time to realize they were right, and I’m talking now because I hope I can help some of acknowledgement in term paper these other girls.” Security cameras seen on legalisation essay, R. Kelly's Chicago recording studio.

After her backstage visit with Kelly in example assignment, Indio, California, the aspiring singer from Georgia began secretly talking with Kelly on her cell phone, her mother said. “As far as I know, we weren’t talking to [Kelly] anymore,” J. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay. said. “Or at least I wasn’t talking to him anymore.” In June 2015, J. and Tim said, their daughter lied to them about taking a weekend trip to visit a Georgia university. Instead, Mack arranged for her to fly to Oklahoma City, where Kelly was performing. After the show, she had sex with Kelly for the first time, she later told her parents and at example least two friends, including a record producer who goes by the stage name TONE. As the of cannabis discursive Georgia singer and Kelly became closer, TONE recalled her saying she was frustrated with Kelly. Acknowledgement In Term Paper. She thought every time she tried to bring up her music career Kelly changed the topic to sex — and she wanted proof. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive. So TONE and ib economics questions, the woman decided to secretly record a phone conversation between her and Kelly. BuzzFeed News was later given a copy of the legalisation of cannabis discursive essay recording. Sex Education Essays. On the of cannabis discursive tape, it’s not just what Kelly said that shows his pattern of 2007 coursework behavior with the women close to him. It's how he said it, which is immediately clear from of cannabis, listening to the audio.

“I miss my baby,” Kelly told the woman, before asking her what she was wearing. After she replied, he told her: “I want you to get in the habit of telling me what color panties you got on every day,” he instructed repeatedly, revealing in his own words the early stages of acknowledgement in term paper their power dynamic and the demands her parents say have become criminal. When she tried to turn the conversation to a song she was working on, however, Kelly seemed less engaged. “Hello?” she asked him at one point, to legalisation of cannabis discursive make sure he was still listening. After a few minutes, Kelly changed the sex education subject. Legalisation Of Cannabis. “I’m more interested in essay for university of maryland, developing you. Songs are not an issue. We can always do a hit song.”

In June 2016, the essay daughter enrolled for summer classes at about flaw Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville and legalisation discursive essay, began living in the dorms. Her roommate at the school, who is being identified by the initials T.S. to avoid retaliation, told BuzzFeed News that, at first, she did not believe her new friend really knew R. Ib Economics Essay Questions. Kelly. But, T.S. said, the Georgia woman would often call the superstar and put him on speakerphone during their explicit sexual conversations. The Georgia woman also began visiting Kelly at his homes in nearby Duluth and sometimes traveled with him to Chicago, according to of cannabis T.S. She recalled the essay of maryland woman telling her that Kelly took away her cell phone and replaced it with a new one, with instructions that she should only use it to communicate with him and needed to obtain his permission to use it to communicate with others. T.S. also recalled the woman telling her that one time, Kelly sent a cab to pick up the women at his guest house and bring them to a club where he would meet them. The Georgia woman told her roommate that she laughed when the cab driver told a joke, and one of the other women in the cab texted Kelly to report this violation of his “rules.” When the legalisation of cannabis discursive essay Georgia woman arrived at the club, T.S. said, Kelly “bent her over and he whupped her behind because she laughed at the cab driver, who happened to be a man.” By the middle of the 2016 fall semester, the example Georgia woman’s appearance started to change: She began losing weight, and she cropped her long hair short, permed what was left, and dyed it blonde, said her parents and the former roommate. T.S. recalled her friend telling her that’s how Kelly liked her hair to look. The Georgia woman eventually began skipping all of her classes, and she did not show up to take her finals in mid-December. Her parents confirmed the legalisation school considers her a student who is “no longer in good standing.”

She had already broken off all contact with her mother and father before she started skipping school. “My calls were all forwarded to application essay voicemail,” J. said. In the legalisation middle of the fall semester, during their quest to bring their daughter home, J. said she called the example assignment new cell phone Kelly had given her daughter, who broke one of Kelly’s “rules” by texting her parents from the legalisation of cannabis essay phone to say she was fine. J. said Kelly himself got on the phone after the daughter picked up and denied anything was wrong. Two of R. Kelly's rental properties near Atlanta. The parents filed a missing persons report with the Gwinnett College campus police. A spokeswoman for the school confirmed the report and the case number, but said that when an sex education essays investigator called the parents and learned that they knew their daughter was with Kelly in his suburban Atlanta homes no action could be taken. Their daughter was not technically missing, and at 21, she is of legal age to do what she wants, campus police said. The last time her parents saw her was in December 2016. “What we really wanted to do was an intervention,” J. said, but her daughter would not listen. On Dec. 27, 2016, J. and discursive, Tim requested that the Johns Creek Police Department, which is responsible for the section of Duluth where Kelly rents the two houses, perform a well-being check on their daughter at the guest house.

The police report obtained by BuzzFeed News said J. Essay Othello's Tragic Flaw. believes her daughter is part of the R. Legalisation Discursive Essay. Kelly “cult” and that he is essay questions, “abusive and is controlling her daughter.” When police arrived, the report noted, the “door [was] open, house clear, no one there.” No further action was taken. A month later, the Cook County Sheriff’s police performed a well-being check in Chicago. The Georgia singer told officers she was “fine and did not want to discursive essay be bothered with her parents because her father was threatening people,” according to the police report. (Tim denied this.) She told officers she instead keeps in touch with her grandmother, who she calls Nana. When reached by BuzzFeed News, Nana said that she had spoken to her granddaughter by phone only two or three times since December, most recently on July 11. She said her granddaughter emphasized that she’s an adult in a consensual relationship with Kelly, and was mad at her parents for intervening. In text messages reviewed by BuzzFeed News, the granddaughter said she thought her parents were trying to ruin Kelly’s career. Despite her granddaughter’s insistence, “I’m gravely concerned about her,” Nana said, echoing J.’s belief that she is being held against her will. If she could talk to Kelly today, Nana said, “I would tell R. Kelly to send my granddaughter home.

He knows it’s not right and he would not want anybody doing this to his daughter.” Multiple attempts by BuzzFeed News to reach the Georgia woman on her Kelly-issued cell phone were unsuccessful. J. and Tim said they even reached out to 2007 the FBI about their daughter and spent hours being interviewed by an agent. Special Agent Stephen Emmett, an FBI spokesperson in legalisation discursive, Georgia, said the bureau’s policy is to neither confirm nor deny investigations into essays, specific people or matters. Legalisation. But the parents are hopeful that perhaps federal law enforcement can help where local police have not. “It’s not about application essay, my daughter, per se. It’s about all the girls,” Tim said. “It’s about my daughter, and essay, I understand that.

But the abuse that my daughter is example, actually enduring, nobody should go through.” Kelly leaving the Cook County Criminal Court Building on June 13, 2008, after a jury found him not guilty on legalisation of cannabis, all counts in his child pornography trial. Two other parents are fighting to get their daughter back. The parents of an aspiring professional singer from Florida said their daughter met Kelly when she was 17 years old, and she moved into one of his rental properties once she was over coursework the age of legal consent. Of Cannabis Discursive Essay. (BuzzFeed News verified their identities and full names, but is withholding the alleged victim's full name and her parents' last name to protect her privacy. Her mother asked to essay be called by legalisation, her middle name, Theresa, for application, the same reason.) Theresa said she initially let her daughter spend time with Kelly because it was “supposed to be a music relationship.” She now regrets that decision. “My thing was I trusted. I have never been in the music industry before, ever,” Theresa said. “He is a lyrical genius — he is legalisation, R. Kelly! And the fact is he went to court, he was never found guilty — he was acquitted — and we were led to in term believe there was no truth in it. Now I got all of these people asking about why my daughter is there, telling me, ‘All of that, the charges against Kelly, was true.’ Well, how come you didn’t tell me that before?”

The Florida singer first met Kelly when her parents took her to see him perform at Funk Fest in Orlando on discursive essay, April 18, 2015. “During the show, they were pulling people out of the audience,” Theresa said. “A guy said, ‘Oh yeah, her.’ He pulled her up onstage.” After the show, a member of Kelly’s entourage gave the star’s phone number to ib economics essay questions the then-17-year-old high school senior, Theresa said. “We called, but he wasn’t answering, so we left it alone,” she said. “Then I guess he must have got back later on or texted her later on.” As with the Georgia woman, the discursive relationship between Kelly and the Florida woman developed over phone calls and example assignment, text messages that were kept secret from legalisation of cannabis, her family, the parents said. “And then one day we were looking for her because she should’ve been coming home from application, school,” Theresa said. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive Essay. “Then finally we get a text message saying that she’s OK, that she had met up with R. Kelly in his hotel. And I’m like, ‘You met up with R. Kelly at his hotel?’” Theresa and her husband, Angelo, said they rushed to the hotel and essays, called the of cannabis discursive essay police, who advised them to deal with hotel security. Their daughter finally came down to in term paper see them, they said, but Kelly refused to talk with them.

After the incident at the hotel, the Florida teen “was only legalisation of cannabis discursive [supposed to essay for university of maryland be] talking to him when one of us was around,” Theresa said. “We needed to legalisation discursive make sure it was about music, because he was going to mentor her,” she said. “And then from there he wanted her to travel with him so she could see how the music game really was. . We thought it could be an opportunity, and that she was going to be with a guardian — a female guardian that would keep an eye on her.” But that may have been wishful thinking. Soon enough, the Florida singer was living with Kelly. Angelo said he initially received short text messages from his daughter every few weeks saying she was fine and the parents should not worry or try to acknowledgement in term contact her. Of Cannabis Essay. Those have stopped. McGee, one of the women who left Kelly, said the Florida woman is acknowledgement, “head over heels” for Kelly.

And McGee said Kelly is “obsessed” with the Florida woman, noting that he “would go into legalisation essay, the kitchen and cook for 2007 coursework, her.” But McGee’s feelings about the Florida woman were nuanced. Discursive. “I have a 17-year-old daughter myself,” she said. “When I saw [the Florida singer] with him, it took me back. This could be my daughter. Assignment. I just knew that it was not right and I just couldn’t understand what a man almost 50 is of cannabis essay, doing having sex with someone the same age as his daughter. Application Of Maryland. That’s when I realized it was more of a mind-control thing.” McGee also said she witnessed Kelly punish the aspiring Florida singer for breaking his “rules.” “He left [the Florida woman] on the [tour] bus for, like, three days and she was not allowed to legalisation of cannabis discursive essay come out,” McGee said. “He said she didn’t do her homework — that’s why she was punished — which was very confusing, because she had just graduated [high school] over the summer.” Multiple attempts by BuzzFeed News to reach the Florida woman on questions, her Kelly-issued cell phone were unsuccessful.

Theresa said she is frustrated that lawyers and of cannabis discursive essay, police have said they cannot help, and she fears that even if the essay about tragic relationship ends, she may not get her daughter back. Discursive Essay. On Dec. Assignment. 24, 1996, Kelly was sued for $10 million by Tiffany “Tia” Hawkins, an aspiring singer and then–high school student in legalisation, Chicago, who claimed she met the star when he lectured her choir class. According to the lawsuit, Hawkins began having sex with Kelly in 1991, when she was 15 and he was 24. The relationship ended in December 1994, when she was 18, the r e court documents state; distraught, she slit her wrists in an attempt to kill herself. “I desperately want my daughter back but I’m not [sure] what will [be] the legalisation essay repercussions if she doesn’t come willingly,” Theresa said. “These girls think this man loves them.

Matters of the essay about heart are a touchy subject.” The parents said they’ve tried numerous other tactics to bring their daughter home. In August 2015, the daughter texted Angelo that she was in Chicago with Kelly, the parents said. On Aug. 26, 2015, they sent their older daughter to Kelly’s recording studio to check on of cannabis essay, her sister, according to ib economics her parents. Kelly and men in his entourage allegedly got involved in an altercation with the of cannabis essay older sister when she tried to take her younger sister away, said the parents, who claimed the star and the other men pushed, shoved, and hit the older sister. A police report obtained by BuzzFeed News indicated that one person allegedly struck the Florida singer’s sister in her face, but she did not seek medical attention. The case is r e coursework, classified as a simple battery and nobody has been arrested, according to the report, which said the investigation was initially suspended until a detective could contact the victim. A supplementary report was filed more than a year later, on Jan.

18, 2017. “I have not talked to my daughter in legalisation discursive, more than a year,” Theresa said, adding she has left countless texts and voicemail messages that have not yet received a response. “We’ve had deaths in the family, birthdays, and I haven’t heard from her and she hasn’t been here for any of it. 2007 Coursework. I didn’t even hear from her on Mother’s Day. All I want to essay do is bring her home.” On Friday, July 14, after Kelly and the Florida woman had been asked for ib economics essay questions, comment on this story, Angelo said he got a surprise phone call from his daughter, who invited him to come to see Kelly perform in Indiana on Saturday. Wary of Kelly’s motivations, Angelo said he declined the legalisation discursive essay invitation. He also is angry over ib economics essay the other surprise news from his daughter: She said Kelly had recently paid for her to have breast enhancement surgery. “I am beyond furious,” Angelo said. “I said to her, ‘How could you do this? What the of cannabis essay hell were you thinking? What if you died on the operating table?’ I don’t even know what we can do anymore.

I just know we got to get her home. R. Kelly performing at essay about tragic Bass Concert Hall on March 3 in Austin. Kelly has long maintained his innocence on allegations of legalisation of cannabis essay underage sex, and in recent interviews he has either persistently dodged questions about his past behavior or stormed off when he was unable to do that. Multiple attempts to reach Kelly were unsuccessful. Kelly’s RCA Records publicist Theola Borden, who was promoted to senior vice president of publicity for the label in r e, 2014, did not respond to multiple emails and phone calls requesting comment.

Linda Mensch, a civil lawyer in Chicago who represents the superstar, responded via email to the accusations outlined in this story. Mensch was asked about the on-the-record allegations that Kelly physically and mentally abuses women and that Kelly allegedly met one of the of cannabis women in his inner circle when she was 17. “We can only wonder why folks would persist in defaming a great artist who loves his fans, works 24/7, and takes care of all of the of maryland people in essay, his life,” Mensch wrote. “He works hard to become the best person and 2007 r e coursework, artist he can be. It is legalisation, interesting that stories and tales debunked many years ago turn up when his goal is to stop the violence; put down the guns; and embrace peace and love. I suppose that is the price of fame. Like all of us, Mr. Kelly deserves a personal life. Essays. Please respect that.” ? Jim DeRogatis is a Chicago-based music journalist and critic. He is an assistant professor in of cannabis, the English Department at example Columbia College Chicago; the co-host of Sound Opinions, the weekly rock-n-roll talk show originating at WBEZ Chicago and heard on legalisation of cannabis, some 125 Public Radio stations nationwide as well as on podcast at, and the the author of nine books about music.

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The Art of the Developer Resume - Improving the Programmer Resume. Programmer resumes may seem like something of legalisation of cannabis essay a mundane topic, but after spending the last few weeks wading through resumes from software developers, it is clear to me that most developers need help with their resumes. Assignment? This impression is backed up by essay, many past resume reading experiences. While I have come across very few truly awful resumes, the majority of the software developer resumes I have read in the last week have been substandard. Only a few have been what I would call really well done. Does that mean that the example assignment, majority of the developers represented by these resumes are themselves substandard? Maybe so, but I would like to think not. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? While I am certain that there is a wide range of skill levels within the pool of available developers, that does not mean that those developers who are not in the top percentiles should be described as substandard.

Not at all. Maybe not all of them are as sophisticated as I might be looking for, and maybe not all of paper them write the legalisation of cannabis, best looking code, but they will undoubtedly make some employer happy. About Flaw? My theory, instead, is that, because the majority of these developers do not understand the art of the of cannabis discursive, resume (and more specifically, the art of the developer resume), their resumes may not do them justice. In the paragraphs that follow, my aim is to in term reveal that art to you, and to legalisation of cannabis essay give you my perspective as someone who has often been in the position of assignment sifting through resumes and hiring developers. Before getting into specifics, I would like to emphasize one thing: the goal of your resume is to legalisation land you an essay interview. Period. If your resume does not get you an interview for a job, then it has failed.

Keep this thought in the front of your mind as you think about and work on your resume. (Getting the legalisation, interview is the first step in a four step process: getting the sex education essays, interview, excelling in legalisation of cannabis, the interview, deciding whether you want the job, and closing the deal—but I’ll save those last three steps for future essays.) Put yourself in the shoes of the hiring manager, who is likely a senior developer (or formerly was one): she is sitting there at her desk, with a fairly good idea of what sort of developer she needs to hire (or maybe not), and in front of her is ib economics a thick stack of resumes. In a slow job market like we are in at the time of this writing, it might be a huge stack of of cannabis essay resumes. I personally know of an employer who received 240 resumes for a single job posting. You can believe it is not a fun job having to sift through those resumes, and this hiring manager knows it. Essay About Flaw? In fact, they’ve been sitting on legalisation essay, her desk for almost a week, because she’s been dreading the task. This hiring manager is very busy, and only has time to perform a limited number of phone screenings and interviews, so it’s a given that only a small percentage of these resumes is going to make it into the keepers pile. The ones that make the keepers pile get a phone call and an interview. The ones that don’t go in the trash.

Given this scenario, it is important to realize three things: First, this hiring manager desperately wants to find a sufficient number of stand-out resumes as soon as possible. Second, the best candidates will not get the essay othello's, interviews—the best resumes will. The ideal candidate’s resume may very well end up in legalisation of cannabis essay, the trash. Third, since the majority of the example assignment, developers out there are not good at writing resumes, if you can make yours shine, it will almost always make it into the keepers pile (assuming you are a fit for the position). So how do you make sure your resume stands out? What follows are my guidelines for winning developer resumes. Disclaimers: Take what you like from my suggestions and legalisation of cannabis essay leave what you don’t like. Many people have very specific ideas about how a resume should look and application for university what it should contain, and I certainly do not mean to suggest that a resume that does not follow my formula is automatically a bad resume. There is no one-size-fits-all formula.

Also, I’m not making any claims that any of legalisation of cannabis discursive these tips and tricks are my own unique creation. R E? My formula is legalisation culled from reading several books on job hunting and resume writing, reading hundreds of resumes, frequent tweaking and updating of my own resume, and helping friends with their resumes over the years. In my opinion, the ideal resume length is coursework two to legalisation discursive essay three pages. If you have several years of experience, three pages is ideal. If you have less experience, then two pages is ideal. On the first page, you should have your identifying information at the top; an Objective section (if you decide to coursework use one; see below); a Summary of Qualifications section (see below); followed by legalisation discursive, the beginning of r e your Professional Experience section. Legalisation? The first page should end with the essays, description of your most recent position.

Then the of cannabis, next most recent position would appear at the top of the about tragic flaw, second page, and so on. If you’re having trouble filling out two pages, chances are you are not digging deep enough or going into enough detail in your Professional Experience section (see below). If your resume is longer than three pages, chances are you are either providing too much detail, you have extraneous sections, or you are not using creative layout techniques (such as two-column bulleted lists) to make it fit; gigantic amounts of white space is a common flaw leading to discursive overly long resumes. Beware of making your resume go beyond three pages. Remember the about flaw, harried hiring manager: you want to give enough information to make a strong statement and represent yourself properly, but you don’t want to give so much that you overwhelm or exhaust.

In my most recent round of resume shifting, I received several seven and legalisation essay eight page resumes from acknowledgement in term paper one agency. Legalisation? Seven and about othello's tragic flaw eight pages! I didn’t read past page three on a single one of them. If your resume goes beyond three pages, does that mean you are dead in the water? Not necessarily. I called a couple of those developers with the of cannabis essay, excessively long resumes. I am talking here about the ideal resume length. Maybe you have a couple decades of ib economics questions experience, multiple certifications, a couple degrees, some honors and awards, and of cannabis discursive magazine and book publication to your credit. Essay Of Maryland? If that is the case, more power to you: make your resume longer than three pages. That said, I stick by my assertion that three pages is plenty for of cannabis discursive essay, almost any developer’s resume. On 95% of the resumes that have an Objective section, the section adds no value whatsoever.

I know that all the resume books, and your high school guidance counselor, told you to put this section at the top of your resume, but I personally do not use an Objective section on my resume. Of Maryland? Here’s a typical objective: Seeking a rewarding, challenging position with growth potential in a dynamic company. Legalisation Discursive Essay? Well of course you are! Who isn’t? Why waste this precious space on something so bland, generic, and unremarkable? Remember, you want your resume to stand out, to in term rise above the sea of discursive essay substandard resumes. Acknowledgement Paper? On my resume, I want the first thing that hiring manager reads to make a strong statement about legalisation, me —to hook the reader, so to speak. In Term Paper? The goal of legalisation my resume is to sell me, to land that interview. I only have a few moments of the tragic flaw, reader’s attention.

I start my resume off with the essay, heading, Summary of Qualifications. (I’ll go into more detail on this section below.) Each of the bullet points at the beginning of this section makes a strong, specific statement about me, my experience, my skill level, the technologies in which I am proficient, etc. In this way, not only am I making a statement about what kind of candidate I am, my objective is implied: I’m looking for a position that is going to match my skill level and experience, using the example assignment, technologies in which I am an legalisation of cannabis essay expert, and utilizing my leadership skills and experience. If you’ve got something within those parameters, let’s talk. Does that I mean I would never use an Objective section on my resume? Does that mean you should not have an Objective section on your resume? Not necessarily. The Objective section can be useful if you really have some kind of specific situation that you are looking for. Maybe you only want to work in a specific industry, or on a particular kind of project, or only essay questions using bleeding edge technology. However, for my own resume, unless I really had a strong feeling about one of these criteria, I’d probably leave the Objective section off—especially in a slower job market, because I’d rather have the legalisation of cannabis discursive, opportunity to flaw turn a position down than never know it might have been offered to me because of my narrowly stated objective. As I mentioned above, I start my resume off with a section called Summary of Qualifications.

The idea is to legalisation of cannabis discursive give a kind of application executive summary, like you’d see in a business plan or marketing report. There are a few reasons for this: one, I’m always picturing the harried hiring manager and of cannabis discursive essay her huge stack of resumes. I want to grab her attention as quickly as possible. Two, I know from my studies of marketing and journalism that many (if not most) people will never read past the first few sentences or paragraphs of anything if they don’t have to. It’s a blow to my ego sometimes, but I know that most people who start reading this essay will never make it this far.

The same goes for my resume—maybe even doubly so. For this large percentage of people, I need to sex education essays get my point across quickly. So there’s reason number three: even for the people who do read the rest of the legalisation essay, resume thoroughly, I want to sex education sell them on legalisation of cannabis, the idea that I might be their ideal candidate right away, so that they spend the rest of assignment their time with my resume seeking support and of cannabis discursive justification for essay, that conclusion. In other words, I make bold claims in my Summary of Qualifications section, and legalisation then I make sure the information in essay tragic flaw, my Professional Experience section (see below) supports those claims. Like most of my resume, the format of the Summary of Qualifications section is bullet points. I like bullet points because they are easy to read, they don’t look daunting on the page like a thick paragraph does, and legalisation discursive essay they appeal to people’s short attention spans. I start the section off with more general points, and then get more specific. As I mentioned, I like to make bold statements that sell me to the reader. 2007 R E? Here is the first bullet point on my resume:

Daniel Read is discursive essay a well-rounded professional software developer with over eleven years experience developing and maintaining a wide variety of assignment systems for large international corporations and small businesses. Daniel’s specialties are working with business experts, designing technical and non-technical solutions to meet the needs of the legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, business, crafting and sex education implementing development processes, and leading teams to deliver software. He is legalisation of cannabis also a skilled programmer. From there I start getting more specific. You should, of course, tailor the boldness of these kinds of statements to match your experience and qualifications. Application For University Of Maryland? Don’t make claims you can’t back up. Finally, don’t worry if some of these bullet points are sentence fragments; sentence fragments are permissible in bullet points and on resumes. I end the Summary of Qualifications section with a two-column bulleted list of specific technologies, languages, and tools with which I am proficient. By this point, I have used up at least the first half of the first page. This is where most developers need the most help on their resumes.

You can call this section whatever you like, but on my resume I call it, Professional Experience. When I read through this section of a job candidate’s resume, I am looking for of cannabis discursive essay, disqualifiers. In other words, I am looking for example assignment, reasons not to put this resume in the keepers pile. Remember that as the hiring manager I have a huge stack of resumes, and legalisation of cannabis essay if I don’t use some kind of criteria to trim them down, I’ll never get to go home. What has this developer really done? Does her experience back up her claims of what technologies and 2007 r e experience he says he has? Has he worked on similar projects to what I am looking for? Has she stayed around at jobs long enough to see her code go into production and through subsequent releases? Does he jump around jobs too frequently? Was his participation in these projects substantial or only peripheral?

There are many questions such as these, and every hiring manager has different hot buttons. Knowing this, and knowing I cannot hope to discursive essay please everyone or be the ideal candidate for application for university of maryland, every job, my goal on my own resume is to simply be as specific as possible (within reason, of course) and back up the claims I made in legalisation discursive, my Summary of Qualifications section. My goal is also to continue to sell. What I am selling are my abilities (which are proven by the technologies I have worked on, the types of software I have built) and the positive effect I have had wherever I have been . This latter part is what too many developers miss. Putting it in assignment, marketing terms, it’s about selling the legalisation, benefits. When advertisers promote a car or box of laundry detergent, they don’t just list the facts about the product—they present the sex education essays, product so that the consumer imagines the benefits of owning the product. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive? On your resume you don’t want to just say, I wrote code. You want to say, I wrote code, which had the lowest defect rate on the team, resulting in essay for university, a shortened testing cycle. Show the reader of your resume the benefits which past employers have enjoyed from your work, and a prospective employer will be able to imagine himself enjoying those benefits as well. Going back to of cannabis essay formatting, what I do is make sure that the second half of the in term, first page of my resume contains the entirety of my most recent position.

Then I continue with the rest of my positions on the second and legalisation of cannabis discursive essay third pages. I start each position description with the company name, location, and date ranges of employment. Underneath that, I list my job title, followed by a brief description of the type of company, the project(s) I worked on, and the role I played. Example? This description should not exceed two sentences. This is legalisation of cannabis a big mistake that I see on 2007 coursework, many resumes. Too many people will spend a paragraph or two describing the project and of cannabis discursive essay the company, and then barely spend any time at all getting specific about what they did . Application Essay? These developers will go into detail about legalisation discursive, what type of company it was, what division they worked in, what the purpose of the software was, what technologies were used (whether or not they personally had anything to do with those technologies or not), how many team members there were, etc., etc. Sex Education? Is some of this information relevant? Probably—but you have to keep this sort of thing to a bare minimum. Your resume’s job is to sell you , to land you an interview.

When I encounter this technique on a resume, I am left to of cannabis conclude that this developer didn’t really do all that much on this project, and is therefore trying to make it look like he worked on a lot of stuff he really didn’t by describing a lot of stuff he was simply associated with . You can get away with this to a point, depending on the shrewdness of the resume reader, but only if you also follow it up with good specifics about what you did. Another thought regarding this problem: I see this technique often on the resumes of people from other countries besides the United States. I don’t have any facts to prove this, but my sense is that perhaps in tragic flaw, some cultures it is considered unseemly to draw too much attention to oneself; in of cannabis discursive essay, other words, you worked as part of a team, and it would be disrespectful to in term the team to shine a spotlight on yourself apart from the team. If this is indeed a cultural difference between the US and of cannabis discursive essay other countries, then I absolutely respect that. If you live and work in a country besides the US, then maybe none of this resume advice of mine applies. I can’t say, because my view is totally provincial to the US job market.

That said, if you are from another country or culture, and are seeking a job in the US, then you cannot afford on questions, your resume to be shy. I am not saying you should be boastful, but neither can you afford to be modest. So after this two-to-three sentences of summary, I launch into bullet points. These bullet points are intended to describe what specific things I did for legalisation, the company and for the project, what technologies I worked with, and whenever possible, the benefits that my efforts had for acknowledgement in term paper, the team and for discursive essay, the company. Here are a few random examples from example assignment my resume:

Designed a large web-based e-commerce application from scratch, including requirements, database design, object/component design, security design, design of legalisation of cannabis discursive logical and physical tiers, and user interface design. Wrote a 100+ page design document for the entire system. Co-wrote a reusable application framework for example assignment, state machine/unattended execution type applications. This framework cuts two weeks from the construction of these types of applications, which were common for this development shop. Also wrote additional applications using the framework. Designed and wrote, from scratch, a large client/server system with a traditional Visual Basic front end. This system was very successful for the company’s largest client, and discursive essay consists of thousands of lines of code in for university, over 50 files, plus dozens of stored procedures and triggers.

It was written in a combination of Visual Basic for the logical front and middle tiers, and T-SQL for the data tier. Wrote, edited, and directed a complete rewrite of all program documentation, converting them from bound books and printed release notes to an electronic hypertext publishing system, resulting in four book-length on-line manuals and a $15-per-unit reduction in deliverables costs. Here are some tips for legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, writing bullet points for your Professional Experience section: Start each bullet with a strong action verb: wrote, designed, researched, compiled, supported, built, led, coordinated, initiated, conceived, etc. Try to avoid using the same verbs over 2007 r e and over. Discursive Essay? Imagine the essay about tragic flaw, word I in front of legalisation each bullet: I conceived , I wrote , I built , etc.—only leave out the actual word I when you write it. Sex Education Essays? Use the active voice.

You do not want to sound wishy-washy or passive. Here is passive voice: The system was written in C. And here is legalisation of cannabis discursive essay active voice: I wrote the example assignment, system in C. Your resume is selling you , and the passive voice takes you out of the picture. Be specific about what you did, and legalisation essay be specific about the technologies you used. Don’t try to be clever by essay othello's flaw, mentioning a lot of technologies that other people worked on, because you will get busted in the interview. Be specific about the types of of cannabis discursive essay projects you worked on, what parts of them you worked on, and what phase(s) you were involved in.

Did you work on GUI elements, the middle tier(s), or the database? Did you participate or lead requirements and/or design, or were you involved mainly in the construction? Did you spec out the hardware? Did you assist or lead the deployment of assignment your software, and see it through into legalisation discursive essay the maintenance phase? Sell success. Don’t be shy about pointing out the benefits that the team and company accrued from your efforts. Did your project have a successful rollout with a very low bug count? Did the software you worked on make a lot of money for the company? Did the improvements you made to the software result in acknowledgement in term paper, reductions to legalisation discursive the help desk staff? Sell that stuff. Essay Of Maryland? When selling the legalisation discursive essay, benefits of your work, use numbers where possible.

Managers, especially, love numbers. Essay Othello's Tragic Flaw? Can you quote a certain percentage of performance gain or reduction in memory usage from your efforts? Can you point to an increase in legalisation of cannabis discursive, sales after you added new features to the software? Use relevant buzzwords, but don’t go overboard—and don’t use buzzwords you are not confident you can define and discuss. Don’t leave out non-coding tasks like documentation, training, support, mentoring, etc. These things demonstrate that you are a well rounded individual. When reading developer resumes, I am always looking for this. As you go from essay questions position to position on your resume, if you are having trouble keeping within the two or three page limit, you may need to start progressively shortening the of cannabis discursive essay, section for each position, even getting really old positions down to one bullet point. How much detail do you really need to go into describing your work with technology that has been virtually obsolete for ten years?

Finally, if you have part of your work experience in non-computer-related fields, and essays do not feel that it is relevant, then just list that period of time as Non IT-Related Employment and put the date range. This is how I sum up my three years of retail management experience immediately after college. Legalisation Of Cannabis? The harried hiring manager does not care that right out of college I spent a year and example assignment a half at a department store building shelf displays in the middle of the night. So far, I have only legalisation of cannabis discursive essay described two primary sections, Summary of about flaw Qualifications and Professional Experience (plus the optional Objective section). In fact, these two primary sections are the only sections on my resume. What about some other traditional resume sections? I am not necessarily opposed to other sections, but these two sections serve me well all by legalisation of cannabis essay, themselves, and I suspect they will serve most developer’s resumes equally well.

Some other sections you might be wondering about: Education I do not use this section on my resume because I put my single relevant educational fact in my Summary of Qualifications section. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in sex education, Creative Writing, and have never felt that this one modest fact is enough to warrant a whole section on my resume. Even if I had one or two more degrees, I still don’t think I would create a separate Education section on my resume. Legalisation Of Cannabis? The main reason for this is that education is one of those touchy subjects that people are sensitive to.

Many people are insecure about their education level, and this seems to be equally true of people who never went to college as it is of people who have a two Bachelors degrees, a Ph.D., and application an MBA. The other reason is that I don’t view education level as a reliable barometer for essay, a developer’s qualifications. I don’t even view a computer science degree as a reliable barometer for a developer’s qualifications. Does this mean you should not put a separate Education section on essay, your resume, or that I would hold it against a resume that did? Absolutely not. I just don’t like to waste the space on my own resume. Training and Certification This is another gray area.

Some people might lump training and certification into the Education section, and others like to break it out into its own section. Essay? I don’t do either. If I had taken some training that I felt was relevant, than I would put it in my Summary of acknowledgement in term paper Qualifications section. I do the legalisation discursive, same with certifications. If you’ve taken a large amount of training, have a lot of certifications, or are particularly proud of r e your efforts in legalisation of cannabis essay, these areas, then by all means, add a section for it. That said, be aware that there are many people who have very strong negative feelings, even contempt, for certifications. These people are usually fairly irrational about it, in 2007 coursework, my experience, and I would not advocate hiding your hard-earned certifications from these narrow minded people. But that fact might make you reconsider how much attention to draw to your certification(s), and also whether or not you would want to embed certification logos in your resume. Other Interests I strongly recommend against this kind of section, where well meaning people like to list things like hobbies and outside interests. Some people like to also create Professional Affiliation sections in which to list memberships in legalisation of cannabis essay, clubs and associations. The reason I recommend against these kind of sex education essays sections is that I believe in keeping anything potentially controversial in legalisation, the background, or preferably off the r e coursework, resume altogether.

Remember that harried hiring managers are looking for disqualifiers on your resume—don’t hand them over on a silver platter. Regardless of whether you add these, or other sections, to your resume, I strongly recommend putting them at the end of your resume, after the Professional Experience section. I won’t be going into legalisation of cannabis a lot of r e coursework detail regarding resume layout, but I would like to say that layout is extremely important. Issues such as font choice, margins, white space, and using small blocks of text that are inviting to of cannabis discursive essay the reader are crucial in the construction of your resume. I wish I had time to tell you about some of the horrid looking resumes I’ve been reading these past few weeks.

If desktop publishing, layout, and word processor magic are not your strengths, then by all means get the help of a friend who is essay about othello's flaw good in these areas. There are also many good resume books that contain layout tips and templates. The bottom line is this: your resume represents you. When I see a developer’s resume that is sloppy and unbalanced, then I have to assume that his code will look that way too. This is essay a huge pet peeve of ib economics mine. Contracting and placement agencies have this nice habit of taking the perfect resume that you spent hours on discursive, and totally making a mess of 2007 coursework it.

It’s really shameful. I understand that agencies want to cover up the personal contact info at of cannabis discursive essay the top of your resume and that they want to essay of maryland put their logo at discursive the top. R E? I have no problem with that, which is why I leave room at the top of my resume for them to do this. But too often (most of the time, really) the agency people who are changing these resumes a) don’t have a clue what they are doing, and b) don’t give a damn about how good the layout on discursive essay, your resume looks. Worse yet, many agencies require that all resumes be in the same format, so they retype them into some proprietary software, which usually pumps out 2007 coursework, something that looks like crap, or that comes out legalisation essay, seven or eight pages long. I have a policy: before I will let any agency submit my resume for essay about othello's tragic flaw, a position, I require final approval on the resume they are going to submit. I play hardball on this one. If an agency won’t work with me on this, then they don’t get to represent me.

If they need a copy of of cannabis my resume without my personal info and with their logo added, then they can send me the logo graphic, and I’ll be happy to make them one. I have been burned too many times on this: I show up for the interview, get a look at the mess of a resume the r e, agency sent over, and I end up apologizing for the way it looks. Maybe I’m being silly, but the way I look at it is that until a potential employer meets me and gets to know me and my work, the resume is me and my work. An often overlooked tidbit: when you have a multi-page resume, make sure you put a footer on of cannabis discursive essay, all of the pages after the flaw, first one. In the footer, put the page number, your name, and your phone number and/or e-mail address.

The reason for this is that pages get lost and separated and mixed up. Beware of agency mutilation of your footers (see above). Quickly, here are some things to avoid on legalisation of cannabis essay, your resume: Don’t stretch or otherwise misrepresent the truth. Don’t oversell. Don’t be trivial. By this I mean, don’t include your typing speed and essay about flaw filing skills on of cannabis, your resume, and don’t list every silly third party library or component that you’ve ever worked with.

Trivialities expose or suggest lack of experience. Acknowledgement Paper? Don’t be negative. This tip applies to the whole job seeking process. Discursive? Don’t put anything negative (such as how you left your last job because your boss didn’t respect you) on your resume. At all costs, avoid misspellings, poor grammar, and technical mistakes on your resume. Have at least two other people read your resume before you send it out to anyone. No disrespect intended to ib economics my beloved international readers, but if English is not your first language and you are applying for legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, a job in the US, I strongly recommend getting a native English speaker with good writing skills to proofread your resume. To wrap this up, let me say that I realize that all of this may seem overwhelming and intimidating if you do not have a great deal of experience or if you are not overflowing with self confidence.

If you are lacking experience, do not let that discourage you. Everyone starts out essay for university of maryland, with a lack of experience. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? Put extra effort into 2007 r e coursework your resume and demonstrate that you are a person who cares about quality, is willing to put in extra effort, has a good attitude, and has a strong interest in software development as a craft and discipline. If you are lacking experience and are not doing a lot of legalisation essay reading and a lot of self practice, then you are not helping yourself. You of course need to be reading technical materials about in term, your chosen tools, but you also need to be doing a lot of non-technology-specific general software development reading. Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? There are plenty of essay othello's tragic flaw companies and teams looking to hire less experienced people who have the right attitude, who show a lot of initiative, and who demonstrate dedication to quality. I myself have hired less experienced developers many times. Find creative ways to make your resume demonstrate these things about you, and someone will give you a shot at an interview. As for lack of self confidence, the legalisation of cannabis discursive, best method I know for overcoming that is to fake it. 2007? The first place to start faking it is in your resume. Your resume cannot reveal a lack of confidence.

If you are unsure about your resume, get a friend, colleague, or mentor that you trust to help you with it. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? A strong resume that you are proud of is a great way to make sure that you can walk into an interview feeling confident. Remember where this essay started: most of the resumes you are competing with are crap, and now you know some techniques for making sure yours will stand out. If you feel like you need more, there is no shortage of resume advice out questions, there. Note: the author made minor changes and updates to this article on July 20, 2005. No list sharing of any kind. No special offers from partners. No webinars.

No Special Reports. by Robert L. Glass. All content copyright 2000-2006 by the individual specified authors (and where not specified, copyright by Read Media, LLC). Reprint or redistribute only with written permission from the author and/or developer.*.

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Abortion Pro-Choice Persuasive Paper. By: July • Research Paper • 3,404 Words • March 26, 2010 • 1,684 Views. Abortion Pro-Choice Persuasive Paper. Mrs. Lane Honors English 3. Discursive! Mrs. Lane Honors English 3. Abortion Pro-Choice Persuasive Paper. Essay Othello's Tragic! In the last few decades, abortion has become a much-discussed subject. It has been a central point in many political affairs as in; selecting justices for the Supreme Court, it has also become an issue for candidates for state and local offices as well as for legalisation discursive essay the U.S.

Presidency. What exactly is abortion anyway? Depending on who you ask one will always get different answers, but the dictionary defines abortion as the termination of example, a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. The moral question has always been whether or not it should be a woman’s decision to get an abortion. The other side of that question is whether the government should have control over a woman’s body and forbid her to get an abortion. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay! Pro-Choice, though it does take the in term side of legalizing abortion, it does not mean Pro-abortion. Pro-choice is the legalisation right in choosing whether to reproduce, adopt, or abort. I believe a woman should have the right to choose whether to paper keep the baby if she knows that she is of cannabis willing to take up such a huge responsibility. The fundamental issue that Pro-choice focuses on is whether anyone-including the government, the church, and pro-life protesters- can tell a woman what to do with their bodies. Pregnancy carries many obligations, and acknowledgement paper, one will lose many privileges. One of those privileges is the right to pursue happiness.

A baby can sometimes disrupt a woman's pursuit of happiness. Having the of cannabis discursive option to perform an abortion can solve that obstacle. Most of the acknowledgement paper time the essay mother of the unwanted child is very young and inexperienced or too poor to take care of the child. The child is usually malnourished, has no medical care, and gets very little attention or love. When talking about abortion, there are many different ethical questions involved. Ethics is what one uses to distinguish what is right from wrong, good from r e, bad, etc. Since people come from different backgrounds, they have a different code of ethics, therefore answering the question of right and wrong can not be easily answered, and who knows if it can ever be answered? There is no correct ethical or moral code for one specific time period, or group of people, so one must decide what they believe on the issue of abortion, by examining there own code of ethics. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive! Without a woman's right to do what she chooses with her body, her freedom and liberty are taken away.

If for personal reasons, a woman wants an abortion, as is, currently, her constitutional right, she has the freedom to application for university do so. A child needs to be loved and wanted. A baby, whose mother resents his birth, will not receive the proper care and nurturing he deserves. Perhaps, he would be better off not to have been born. For these reasons, I support the Pro-Choice movement. Legalisation! A fetus is tissue growing inside the essays body of a woman. Since a fetus has no right to life, liberty, and legalisation discursive, the pursuit of example, happiness, it has no right to be inside the body of another human being that does not want it. However, the fetus needs to of cannabis discursive essay be inside a woman's body to exist.

To give the fetus the right to exist in a woman’s body would make the woman a slave. Slavery is not a right. It is not morally or legally a right. In fact slavery is a horrible act that was outlawed due to the Civil War. Abortion is a moral right--which should be left to 2007 the sole discretion of the woman involved; morally, nothing other than her wish in the matter is to be considered. Of Cannabis! Pro-choice is the sole belief in the right to chose an alternative, whether is be adoption or abortion. It is not the belief in murder, since abortion does not take the life of essay about othello's tragic flaw, a human being. Asking a woman to give up her life for of cannabis discursive something that is not even a human being, is asking her to make herself a slave. Abortion is an issue of women, and so it should be the woman's right to choose. She has the free will to consider others views and 2007 r e, morals such but it is her ultimate decision.

In 1973 the American Supreme Court ruled that Americans’ right to legalisation discursive essay privacy included: “the right of a woman to decide whether to have children, and the right of a woman and her doctor to make that decision without state interference” (“abortion”). The Constitution says we have a right to privacy; so taking away a woman’s chance to make decisions about her own body violates that right. The closure of abortion clinics will be done with the purpose to reduce the number of abortions. This raises the question whether this. An abortion is the procedure taken to end a pregnancy either medically or surgically. Like many topics of great controversy, abortion has its positive. In the ib economics questions argument of abortion , there are many sides to essay be seen. Flaw! There's the pro -life side, which is the side that is against abortion . The. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy.

Since 1973 abortion has been an important controversial issue within the United States. 1973 marks the year that. Abortion - Pro Life and Pro Choice. There are many controversies about abortion . Discursive! Many people in the world feel differently about acknowledgement in term, this topic. Some are pro -life, the others are pro -chioce. Pro life. Pros Cons Differentiated Instruction. Legalisation Essay! Persuasive Paper Against Portfolio Diversification.

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Chicken Coop Ideas and Pictures from Our Customers. You can build our chicken coop designs just as they are or use the legalisation of cannabis discursive, plans as a jumping off point for your own creativity and essay questions resourcefulness. Here are some examples: What others are building using The Garden Coop chicken coop plans: You know best what you need for your climate and location, and of cannabis essay the design plans are quite easy to adapt. Dondi and Jeff put a lot of nice details into their henhouse and changed some other things around.

We added more doors and windows and vents to the henhouse and changed the orientation to suit our needs, also rearranged the inside of the henhouse and made the run twice as long with the second half uncovered. . . . The structure is solid and sex education secure and provides a wonderful home for my girls. I like that the of cannabis, interior walls are easily removed if needed and that they provide extra insulation and protection from the elements. Dondi B., Boise, Idaho. Christine worked with her 15-year-old son to add The Garden Coop to their beautiful backyard setting. She widened the coop by example assignment one foot, using the longer (12') poly roof panels, and cutting them to size. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? Also, by using the 16 cinder blocks for piers, an option detailed in the plans, they were able to keep the chicken coop level even with a slight slope to acknowledgement paper the site. I decided to give the whole coop some color (Osmo Scandinavian Red) to brighten up the dreary outlook from our sunroom around this time of the year. The solar gray roof looks very good from above . . . Legalisation? . Thanks so much for the plan! Christine S., Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Whether in a city backyard or a wilder, more open space, The Garden Coop fits right in. And the plans show you exactly how to build a chicken coop start to finish. I just wanted to let you know that you have more satisfied customers! My husband built The Garden Coop over three weekends. Essay Othello's Tragic? He finished it today and legalisation essay we are SO excited. 2007 R E Coursework? I absolutely love everything about it, and legalisation of cannabis the chickens seem very happy with their new digs. The directions were clear and accurate, and we appreciated all the detail. Questions? This is my 35th birthday present, and it is an of cannabis awesome gift. Terris C., Sierra Foothills of California, just outside of Yosemite. Bill added linoleum to the henhouse floor (and walls), windows to the henhouse, and outboarded the nesting boxes.

One of his suggestions, which I've since added to sex education essays the plans, was to legalisation discursive essay add some temporary bracing to the frame as you build it. It's a good point. Once the henhouse is built, everything tightens up well, but until then, feel free to add whatever corner bracing you need to keep the ib economics, frame of the coop square and straight. Windows were our greatest innovation. We love them, as do our chickens. Look good too. The outboard nesting boxes have hinged drop down ends to facilitate cleaning, and a hinged lid for egg collection. It really increases the interior space. The plans were easy to discursive essay follow and detailed, and the design itself was well researched and functional.

By the way, this was my first-ever construction project (till now had been a fixer-upper type). Bill G., San Francisco Bay area, California. Mike and Dara used pea gravel for in term the floor of their chicken run. They also used canvas for a seasonal wind/rain screen in the winter. Their coop works beautifully in legalisation discursive their small Portland backyard and fits well into their neighborhood. It also made a great backdrop for their holiday card! I added crushed gravel along the roof drip line and pea gravel in sex education essays the coop floor with a drain tile beneath. We are at 1000ft elevation and the winters can be cold, so I had canvas tarps made to legalisation fit around the coop much like many have used plastic. I am really thankful for your plans and design for the coop. They are by far the most thorough, straightforward, and flexible (not to mention the most design appealing) that I have come across.

Thanks again for your effort in offering this online for us to all benefit from. Michael P., Portland, Oregon. What They're Saying About Our Chicken Coop Plans. I'm 70 and pretty active, probably a few years ago I'd have tackled it by myself, but I'm going to get help from a friend, a carpenter. . . Ib Economics Questions? . I like its look and legalisation essay simple utility, and I look forward to sex education essays the fun of putting it up and to finally having some chickens. Of Cannabis Discursive? . . . Thanks for this nice design . Nicole. I was able to understand the plans and build with basically no experience. Other plans require skills, tools, and paper materials that aren't readily available to a lay person. D. We have looked at a number of different coop plans and yours seems to fit exactly what we want . Taylor.

I've had customers ask me how to build The Garden Coop smaller, and I've suggested lopping off the right third -- with the caveat that I'd never actually built one this way myself. Rob was one of of cannabis discursive, a few customers I know of who came to the idea on their own, and application essay for university of maryland his pictures are proof that it works quite nicely. (Note that to make this work, the door has to swing outward.) I thought you might want to know it was fairly easy to cut off the right third of the legalisation, coop and still follow your plans. Our coop is 6' 6 wide, and has the ib economics essay, same height and depth as the original design. As you can see, there's more than enough room for of cannabis discursive essay three chickens -- we plan to add 2-3 more in the next few years. . . Acknowledgement In Term Paper? . We also added a 2 x 2 x 8' in the back so that we could hang garden tools on the back of the coop (see second picture). We drilled holes in the ends of the shovel, rake, etc. and they are hanging on a screw screwed in to the 2 x 2. David set out to build using The Garden Coop plans as is, but once he got into it, he realized the coop would better fit his space and situation if he made it smaller. (Note that to make this work, the door has to swing outward.) I opted to modify the frame by of cannabis eliminating a third from your design.

I'm extremely pleased with the end result, and my three pullets seem very comfortable in acknowledgement in term their spacious new home. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive? Thanks very much for ib economics essay your excellent coop plans! Ed sent in a tip for when you're installing the hardware cloth around the henhouse. Legalisation Of Cannabis? He suggests removing the bottom siding board on all sides, running the hardware cloth up under that board, then reattaching the board when finished (see second picture). I couldn't agree more with the testimonials on your website. Your plans were well thought out, detailed, and 2007 r e coursework easy to follow. I'm construction challenged, so it took me longer to build than most because I'm slow and had to redo several mistakes (I invented a few new curse words when trying to install the large entry door). I've spent eight solid days building the coop. All but a few hours by myself.

My wife and I really like how it turned out, and there is just no way I would have been able to do it without your plans. Ed P., Seattle, Washington. I think the henhouse section of The Garden Coop allows for a lot of personalization. It also gives you the chance to use recycled materials in building your chicken coop -- not just to legalisation of cannabis essay save money, but to add character as well. Erin's version of 2007, The Garden Coop mixes color with the natural wood look and makes use of some existing materials. We and our five chickens are very happy with our coop. I followed the plans almost to the letter (this was my first construction project ), except when we got to the henhouse -- we used plywood instead of cedar boards and added a recycled egg door. We also added some framing to the top of the henhouse so we can easily set a plywood roof on for the winter. The best part is legalisation discursive watching the 2007 r e coursework, chickens climb the of cannabis essay, ladder to bed each evening!

Erin K., Indianapolis, Indiana. Jill wasn't sure at first that she'd be able to build The Garden Coop. Example Assignment? She stuck with it, though, at one point writing, my chicks are getting bigger, so now I don't have much choice! We stayed in legalisation of cannabis touch throughout the process, and many of the questions she asked along the sex education, way helped me make improvements to later versions of our chicken coop plans. Now her coop is complete and looks great in her bountiful backyard garden.

Well, I did it! I finished the of cannabis essay, coop on August 21 and my flock moved in 2007 r e that evening. Yay. Of Cannabis Essay? I couldn't have done it without your help and encouragement. Assignment? Thank you! Jill J., East Hampton, New York. Karen shortened the depth of The Garden Coop so that it retains the look of the design from the front, but takes up less space in her yard. She also painted some elements (like the people door) while leaving others natural for a really cool effect. Due to space constraints we chose to make it only three feet wide.

Since that left less floor space in the henhouse, we made a side door as seen instead of a bottom. The main door doesn't open as wide with the ladder in the way but by putting the outside roosting branches at the right angle, we get in legalisation discursive just fine. . . . Building your coop design has been a wonderful experience. We love the strength and example look of it and we get lots of compliments from everyone who visits. Thank you! Karen N., Los Angeles, California. Larry asked me for my thoughts on how to build The Garden Coop larger to legalisation of cannabis keep a lot of chickens, so I put together a sketch I dubbed The Garden Limo as a thought-starter. Larry ran with it (and then some!) creating a stretch version on skids that he can move around as a chicken tractor.

The pictures show it almost finished, with the outboard nesting boxes yet to essays come. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? This is 2007 coursework a great example of how you can use our chicken coop plans as a basis for building just the legalisation essay, coop you need. I am going to add a small door out the back near the bottom of the ramp. This will lead to r e coursework a 'day' yard enclosed with Premier1 electric poultry net. A car battery and fence energizer will mount above the wheels with a solar array to charge it on top. Another mod is the skids have runners of Trex on the bottom for soil contact. Larry B., Washington State.

Mark and Megan are good friends of ours, and I was honored that they chose The Garden Coop plans for building their first coop. I don't use the word lightly either. Mark involved me and some friends in a building project of his own about a year before I designed and built The Garden Coop, and essay we had a really great time. I credit him with showing me how much fun building can be. Mark changed the orientation of the henhouse from 2007 coursework, what's in the plans so that they'd have a view of the legalisation discursive essay, run from their house. He ran the in term paper, ladder up the inner wall of the henhouse instead of the of cannabis discursive essay, floor. He cut a window in the shape of a sunflower. And he used plywood T1-11 siding to match another building in their backyard. The result is the perfect poultry playhouse a coop with room to grow. Mark and Megan T., SW Portland, Oregon. René's coop is tight . Notice the ib economics essay, extra two-by-four below the front of the henhouse added to make attaching the hardware cloth easier.

And the width of the siding boards extends to of cannabis discursive essay the corners. Overall your instructions and material call-outs were excellent. I'd recommend your plans to 2007 coursework anyone. Rob did a fantastic job with his Garden Coop, adding a beautiful window to the henhouse and of cannabis an attached garage for straw and supplies. Ib Economics Questions? You can see more photos of his coop here. I did it essentially exactly according to of cannabis your instructions. Acknowledgement In Term Paper? . . . The siding was cedar 'knotty and holey fence board' from the local discount lumber place, and we really like the knotholes anyway. Rob C., near Yachats, Oregon. Renee and family hung a star on the front of their henhouse, landscaped with a few flower beds, and used The Garden Coop plans to help transform a corner of their garden into chicken heaven.

We love our new coop! Thanks so much for the wonderful design. Renee C., Bainbridge Island, Washington. Scott made a few changes to The Garden Coop design that look really cool. And it reminds me. . . Of Cannabis Essay? maybe you have some latches, hinges, or trim left over essay othello's tragic flaw, from another project. Even if it's not exactly what's called for in the plans, see how you can put it to use when building your chicken coop. I modified your wonderful design to fit my needs, and it worked out great : 1) I modified the egg access door. 2) I built two hinged interior panel walls for even more access to the inside of the coop. Scott H., Atlanta, Georgia. Kara and legalisation essay Jeff did a few things differently from the plans, including using a homemade organic wood treatment, pine shiplap on 2007 r e the henhouse, and old lilac branches for legalisation of cannabis discursive essay door handles. They put rigid insulation in the walls of the example, henhouse, as the of cannabis discursive, plan allows for.

And they put some gravel down at the dripline of the chicken coop roof. Most importantly, they had a great time building it. This is the FIRST thing we've ever built your plan has made it very easy to do and application essay of maryland given us the confidence that we can do it. We had fun and learned a lot building this with my father. Legalisation Essay? Now I want to build LOTS of things.

The chicks are very happy too. Kara Jeff M., Plymouth, Massachusetts. Tobin sent me lots of good feedback on the plans after building The Garden Coop. One of his tips is to leave three inches on the inside of the door opening when trimming the hardware cloth around the door. You can then wrap the mesh around the studs that frame the 2007 coursework, door. The mesh will then be covered by the doorstops, tucking any sharp edges away from the opening. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? (See the second picture, from a chicken coop I worked on using this tip.) Notice too that his kids are as happy with this coop as they would be were it their very own playhouse.

And since our chicken coop plans help give you the confidence to tackle other projects, maybe a playhouse is next? Thank you for the great design. Acknowledgement In Term? It was easy to follow and well thought out. I made two modifications from the plans: 1) I used plywood for of cannabis discursive the henhouse exterior walls. This was primarily to save on cost but also to save on time! And 2) I moved the acknowledgement paper, henhouse access ladder to come out of the legalisation, wall to the right of the example, main henhouse access door (as you can see in the picture). This allowed me to essay hang both food and water from the underside of the hen house.

My younger daughter loves rainbows so we put up the rainbow flag for her. The “ladder” you see outside in 2007 r e front of the henhouse is a step my older daughter built so that she could see in the egg door. Tobin Z., Seattle, Washington. Parker's chicken coop shows how a little paint can really brighten things up, especially in contrast to a darker wood frame. We like the simple and modern design of the coop. We swapped the legalisation of cannabis discursive, side the henhouse was on essay for university of maryland for easier viewing from our house. We painted the smooth side on of cannabis the slats and inset them in the frame for a nice look. As for the colors, we used leftover paint we had in the garage.

The plans were just what we needed to complete our own unique creation. Parker W., Arlington, Texas. Brad and his family built their Cadillac Garden Coop using some old house windows for questions added flair. They also used recycled paint, which if you're in or near the Portland area you can get from MetroPaint (a service of Metro, the regional government in charge of planning, recycling/sustainability, and transportation for discursive metropolitan Portland). This summer we downloaded your plans, and the coop came out great. The birds are mighty happy. Can't wait for sex education eggs this fall! Brad P., Portland, Oregon. Alana reversed the legalisation of cannabis, orientation of the henhouse from the plans, added a couple of large windows, moved the of maryland, hens' access door and ladder to the side of the henhouse, and used black hinges and hardware. Her coop looks right at home in her lush backyard garden.

Thank you for legalisation discursive essay the great plans and for essay about flaw answering my email questions so promptly. I started Friday afternoon and finished on Wednesday working about four hours each day. Legalisation Discursive? I did everything myself except the othello's tragic flaw, roofing and parts where a second set of hands were neededthat's where a husband comes in handy! Our city is going to have a chicken tour in the spring, and we'll be on it, so I know I'll be telling people about your site. Alana M., Everett, Washington. As mentioned in The Garden Coop plan, you have several options for siding when you build a chicken coop. If you use T1-11 sheet siding, as Trenton did, choose plywood grade over legalisation discursive essay, OSB grade. Ib Economics? It holds up a lot better. Seal it well, with a stain or paint, and it could be a nice alternative to using individual boards, and in some ways a little simpler to install. All the measurements were spot on and everything went together great. The only of cannabis discursive, changes I made were I used some T1-11 siding I had from a previous project and I stained it.

Once again, thank you, my chickens are really enjoying there new home. Trenton S., Aiken, South Carolina. Kevin has serious construction skills, and application for university of maryland used The Garden Coop chicken coop plans as a starting point for his own creation, making use of some materials he had around from essay, other projects. It is pictured here under construction. The roofing material is going to be metal roofing that we have left over from a barn project. . . . Thanks for all the research that you did, it definitely worked as a great starting point for me to establish my modified version. Kevin B., Hillsdale, Oregon. Aaron's coop shows how you can add your own style to the design and come up with something great. We have been selected to be part of the Austin Funky Chicken Coop Tour, which is pretty exciting. Aaron V., Austin, Texas. A J used our plans to add The Garden Coop to her growing, diverse urban farm.

You can view her videos here. Hello from the Happy Heart and Tails Farm. Our coop is finished, the Girlz seem very happy with it. . . . Thanks again for the phone help, [we were] very happy to have the assistance. A J and Dee, Portland, Oregon. Donna was the first to duplicate The Garden Coop design, and she did so without the help of about, a plan, working from legalisation of cannabis essay, conversations and measurements she took. The plans just make building your own chicken coop that much easier! This coop design is the best I have seen so far.

Having a raccoon family living in the next yard, we needed a secure enclosed area. . . No one has to let the chickens out in the morning! The trap door in the floor of essay questions, their hen house allows them to enter and exit their sleeping quarters as they wish. Donna S., Portland, Oregon. What others are building using The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans: Nelson built this adorable Garden Ark using plans we donated to his child's elementary school fundraiser.

Rather than auction off the plans, a group of of cannabis essay, parents decided to othello's build the coop, package it with supplies and a few chicks, and offer the works up for auction. I'm a benefit auctioneer (and casual craftsman) who had the pleasure of collaborating with several families on a donation package for our kids' school auction. The coop with supplies and 3 chicks sold for discursive $2,100, far exceeding what I expected to ib economics sell it for! I spent mostly evenings for a couple weeks working on legalisation of cannabis discursive The Garden Ark. The graphic on essay questions the wire was achieved by creating a stencil, then spray painting flat black paint to essay the outside of the wire mesh.

I worked for a brewery years ago, so the bottle opener by about othello's tragic the egg door seemed appropriate. Thanks again for helping out with the donation of legalisation of cannabis discursive, such terrific plans! Nelson J., Seattle, Washington. Benjamin was the first to send in a picture of sex education, his completed Garden Ark. The natural wood against the charcoal gray really brings out the modern elements of this coop design.

And he used a branch for the roosting polea great touch. These are so much fun to build! We finished our Garden Ark chicken coop last weekend and legalisation of cannabis essay added three baby chickens to othello's tragic our family. We are so happy with the result. Thanks very much for the detailed design. We got so many compliments from our friends already. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive? They've never seen a chicken coop this fancy. They call it the essay othello's tragic flaw, 'chicken loft. ' Benjamin L., Seattle, Washington. This Garden Ark in discursive Atlanta's West End neighborhood is a good example of how just about anyone can use our chicken coop design plans to create something wonderful. According to the builder, she did it all by herself and had never used a circular saw before this project!

The plans also gave her the skills and confidence to take the design even further, adding a ladder, external nesting boxes, and a detachable run. The instructions were very good. Nothing frustrating about acknowledgement paper them. And I have practically no building experience. I didn't even know what a corner clamp was. Legalisation? (Very useful, the corner clamp!) I am very happy with the way it turned out.

Mary, Atlanta, Georgia. I built a few Garden Arks to work out and essay about othello's flaw test the legalisation discursive essay, plan. I donated the one pictured here to be a Grand Prize in the 2009 Portland Tour de Coops raffle, with all proceeds going to Growing Gardens. The 7-Penny Garden Ark: The plan calls for othello's tragic flaw securing hardware cloth with poultry fencing staples. That usually works fine, but for some reason there was one piece of essay, wood in the front that was too hard for acknowledgement paper the staples to legalisation discursive go in neatly. 2007 R E Coursework? So I used screws and a seven pennies-as-washers to solve the discursive essay, problem. It gave the coop a classic buttoned look at the front. The chicken tractor pictured on the cover of about othello's tragic, The Garden Ark plan and website was another of the discursive essay, first few built, and I gave it to the Portland Fruit Tree Project to house a small flock in their new demonstration garden. Pictured here is Katy Kolker, executive director of PFTP, picking up The Garden Ark (which, as you can see, fits neatly in example assignment the bed of a small pickup truck!).

Tony was the first customer to buy The Garden Ark plan. Turns out, he's also a neighbor of mine. While he used the plans for The Garden Ark to get a sense of materials and process, he wanted to bring in certain elements he'd seen on of cannabis discursive The Garden Coop. The result is pretty cool. He used tongue-and-groove cedar for the hen house siding and a dark-green coated hardware cloth on the chicken run that does a lot to improve visibility into the coop. I added vinyl to the floor. The roost and nest box are removable with wing nuts from underneath. I used bamboo from my yard for the ladder steps and in term paper branches from a plum tree in my yard for the two roosts.

Tony J., Portland, Oregon. Ken built The Garden Ark and changed the orientation of the roof and the siding. He also added a PVC feeder and waterer, poop tray, sliding door, and a beautiful mural on the inside of the of cannabis discursive, henhouse. Lucky birds. I really appreciate having well documented plans to work from. And getting the hardware package from application essay of maryland, you was well worth it in time saved pondering and scheming at the hardware store. Picking out legalisation essay lumber was hard enough! Ken O., Corvallis, Oregon. The Garden Ark Bubbles: My wife is acknowledgement a painter, and in of cannabis discursive exchange for her getting to assignment create the legalisation of cannabis, design on the next ark we do, she agreed to first help me realize a vision that kept haunting me: a white-roofed, white-walled ark with bubbles coming up the sides.

I have to acknowledgement in term paper say, I like the of cannabis, white roof. It lets through a pure, soft light the ark just glows out application for university there in the yard. I like the bubbles too, of course. Bubbles are fun. What others are building using The Basic Coop stand-alone chicken coop plans: Rebecca used our plans for The Basic Coop, lengthened the legs, and added her own attached run to create this secure home for her hens. I have very little building experience. In fact, this was the first time I had ever used a circular saw. Legalisation Discursive Essay? Your plans were easy to follow with just the right amount of detail. I couldn't be happier, and essay tragic the girls love their new home! Rebecca G., suburban Philadephia.

Val sent in this shot of her Basic Coop that she built using one of our hardware kits. Notice the legalisation of cannabis discursive essay, classic color scheme and the additional day run to about flaw keep the hens contained while allowing them some room to roam. Val R., Barstow, California. Emily placed her Basic Coop inside an enclosed 7' x 7' run and raised it higher off the of cannabis discursive essay, ground so her chickens could access the space beneath it. My dad helped me build The Basic Coop. The plans were great and very easy to follow. Essay Questions? It was a really fun project and legalisation discursive well worth it! What a joy it was to build! I have limited handyman experience, but found the plans so easy to acknowledgement paper follow. I was particularly impressed with the comprehensive list of timber, ply, and fittings required and legalisation discursive of how little waste there was. I have ended up with a quality, robust chicken house for about half the ib economics essay, cost of legalisation of cannabis discursive, a locally built equivalent or a similar price for a flimsy imported one.

I have also developed some new handyman skills along the way. I would strongly recommend the acknowledgement in term paper, plans to people who want to build their own chicken coop and aren't sure they have the legalisation, skills to do so. Charlie, New Zealand. What others are building using The Garden Run modular enclosure plans: Finished the quarter-height run module to use as a grow-out pen for the chicks. Acknowledgement In Term? It was very easy to build, and will fit onto our Garden Ark when I'm ready. Very pleased with the of cannabis discursive, versatility of the design!

Hard to capture how spacious it is in a picture. We made The Basic Coop with the in term paper, quarter-height and half-height Garden Run designs for legalisation discursive our four chickens. Your plans and ib economics essay questions pictures were a strong base from which to legalisation of cannabis discursive visualize and customize. The coop color choice was left entirely to our 7-year-old daughter. Laura, Northport, MI. Built your enlosed chicken run using The Garden Run plans? Let us know! We'd love to see it and share your handiwork right here. You Hoo, Wherever, U.R. What others are building using The Garden Loft large walk-in chicken coop plans:

Building The Garden Loft large-walk in coop and run? Be one of the first to share what you've done with our latest design! Yes U., Yourtown, OK. What They're Saying About Our Chicken Coop Plans. The plans were so easy to follow, yet open to changes, which I found to be the best feature. The coop turned out application for university of maryland beautiful. I've been caught just standing and staring at of cannabis discursive, it. Alana. You mentioned that you would refund the purchase if I wasn't able to acknowledgement in term use the plans. I hate to do it, the coop is so great, but I'm really not going to be able to discursive build it [with the materials I'm trying to use].

(After refund:) Thank you so much for for university of maryland your response and essay great customer service. Essay Questions? I will definitely spread the word. . . . Lauren. Copyright 2008-2017 The Garden Coop LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Should We Legalize Marijuana?: Argumentative - Free Essays

1. Essay? Voici une liste des differents types d’arguments que vous pouvez utiliser. 1) Argument d’autorite : c’est un argument irrefutable qui fait reference a une autorite religieuse, politique, morale, litteraire ou autre. 2) Argument de causalite : on application essay of maryland, montre que, selon les lois du determinisme, tel fait entraine telle consequence. Discursive? C’est un peu comme une demonstration mathematique (si a = b et si b = c alors on essay for university of maryland, peut en tirer comme consequence que a = c). 3) Argument = donnees scientifiques : elles servent a prouver l’existence d’un fait, la validite d’une idee (puisque la terre tourne autour du soleil. Of Cannabis Discursive? ). 4) Argument = donnees historiques ou existence prouvee de certains faits : c’est le fait de prouver par des faits reels.

Certains pensent qu’un fait historique serait riche de lecons (ainsi l’impact de philosophes comme VOLTAIRE ou ROUSSEAU sur la revolution francaise pourrait prouver que la litterature a obligatoirement une influence sur les evenements politiques d’un pays ). 5) Argument = donnees numeriques : les chiffres sont en general des preuves irrefutables, a condition que vous puissiez citer vos sources ! 6) Argument = elimination des autres possibilites : il suffit d’envisager d’autres solutions ou d’autres arguments et de prouver, selon les schemas precedents, qu’ils sont impossibles. Example? On en revient donc a la premiere possibilite qui est acceptee « sine qua non ». Tous ces arguments sont combinables et vous permettent de convaincre le lecteur grace a votre logique. Legalisation Discursive? Si vous souhaitez en plus le persuader, il faudra valoriser vos arguments et impliquer le lecteur dans votre texte.

2. Sex Education? Voici une liste des modes d’implication du lecteur dans votre texte. 1) Vous pouvez prendre le lecteur a temoin par des questions, des imperatifs, l’emploi de la 2 eme personne du singulier etc. 2) Vous pouvez aussi agir sur les forces psychiques qui poussent quelqu’un a agir ou qui determinent des comportements inconscients (c’est un des ressorts de la publicite). 3) Vous pouvez aussi maintenir l’attention de votre lecteur en hierarchisant vos arguments du moins interessant au plus interessant. 4) Vous devez illustrer chaque argument par un exemple precis pris dans l’actualite, la litterature ou autre exemple irrefutable (evitez absolument les exemples tires de votre vie privee qui ne sont que des exemples occasionnels sans aucune valeur generale). 5) Vous pouvez enfin appuyer vos dires par des figures de style marquantes et efficaces : repetitions, accumulations, gradations etc. 1) Dans cette lettre de rappel, comment le destinataire est-il implique ? 2) A quels arguments l’auteur de cette lettre fait-il appel ? 3) Certains arguments irrationnels sont presents. Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? Lesquels ? N’attendez plus pour vous reabonner ! Absorbe par vos multiples occupations, et sollicite par toutes sortes de propositions, vous avez oublie de renouveler votre abonnement. Je vous invite a me renvoyer tres vite votre bulletin de reabonnement afin de profiter, le plus rapidement possible, des avantages de votre abonnement complet. Celui-ci vous assure en effet de recevoir les 11 numeros mensuels du Particulier , les 2 numeros hors serie du guide fiscal, la table des matieres annuelle et les 13 numeros speciaux deja en preparation. Notre equipe redactionnelle est deja a l’?uvre sur les numeros speciaux qui demandent toujours un travail de plusieurs mois.

C’est pourquoi nous pouvons, en avant-premiere, vous reveler quelques themes qui seront developpes : les societes civiles immobilieres ; l’environnement et la pollution ; l’assurance vie ; les arrangements de famille ; libertes individuelles et vie privee ; agir en justice ; votre retraite ; les relations de voisinage. Lisez attentivement cette fable de La FONTAINE et expliquez quel type d’argumentation l’auteur utilise pour convaincre le lecteur : « - Sire, dit le renard, vous etres trop bon roi ; Vos scrupules font voir trop de delicatesse ; Et bien, manger moutons, canaille, sotte espece, Est-ce un peche ? Non, non ! Vous leur fites, Seigneur, En les croquant, beaucoup d’honneur. Et quant au berger, l’on peut dire. Qu’il etait digne de tous maux, Etant de ces gens-la, qui sur les animaux, Se font un chimerique empire. Ainsi dit le renard, et flatteurs d’applaudir. Extrait des Animaux malades de la peste. 1) Le destinataire est implique par l’emploi direct de l’imperatif « N’attendez plus » et par un argument qui le culpabilise en insistant sur ses torts : il est absorbe et trop sollicite . Puis la lettre sous-entend que c’est uniquement pour le destinataire que ce magazine est fait et joue encore sur la culpabilite de celui-ci en pretendant que ce travail est difficile puisqu’il demande plusieurs mois . L’emploi recurrent du pronom personnel vous est significatif de ce desir d’impliquer le destinataire : cette 2 eme personne est utilisee dix fois (pronom personnel, adjectif possessif, tournure verbale) dans une courte lettre.

Le point d’exclamation a la fin de la premiere phrase est aussi une facon de faire reagir le lecteur car ce point sous-entend une certaine critique de la part de l’auteur de la lettre, et cette critique met le lecteur dans une situation d’inferiorite comme s’il avait commis une faute. 2) - La lettre sous-entend que ce defaut d’abonnement ne serait qu’un oubli et non une volonte deliberee du destinataire. - Puis l’auteur du magazine joue sur un ressort psychologique en pretextant que le reabonnement permettra de profiter de certains avantages. - Enfin le texte enumere une liste d’articles qui sont attirants et surtout qui balaient a peu pres tous les centres d’interet du francais moyen. Application Essay Of Maryland? Cette liste est donc capable de plaire au public le plus varie : famille, argent, assurances, liberte… Ce sont donc des exemples qui ont ici valeur d’arguments ! 3) La longue liste qui enumere tous les numeros que l’auteur recevra est interessante car, en fait, l’auteur de la lettre espere que c’est la longueur meme de cette liste qui servira d’argument, etant donne que ces chiffres en eux-memes ne signifient strictement rien et ne presentent pas d’autre interet que de remplir du « blanc ». Cette lettre est tres interessante d’un point de vue « marketing » car elle propose une gamme de plusieurs modes de manipulation du consommateur ! D’abord un bref rappel sur La FONTAINE qui ecrivit ses fables au XVIIeme siecle, alors que Louis XIV detenait le pouvoir absolu. Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? Il prit modele sur le penseur grec ESOPE qui avait ecrit lui aussi des fables dans lesquelles il travestissait les defauts des hommes sous des caricatures d’animaux.

Dans cette longue fable, les animaux sont atteints par la peste et pensent que c’est un chatiment de Dieu pour les peches qu’ils ont commis. Application For University? Ils decident donc d’avouer tour a tour leurs fautes afin de juger qui est le plus coupable et de le condamner pour expier leurs fautes aux yeux de Dieu, esperant ainsi mettre fin au fleau. Of Cannabis? Le Lion, qui est le symbole du roi, avoue donc avoir mange des moutons et meme parfois le berger et voila le discours du renard, vil flatteur, comme toujours. Example Assignment? (Tous les animaux avouent ensuite leurs fautes : on discursive, ecoute rapidement le Tigre, l’Ours et les autres puissances, mais aucun n'est vraiment reconnu coupable car ils sont proteges par leur pouvoir. Essay Tragic? S’avance alors l’ane qui reconnait avoir parfois « tondu un pre qui ne lui appartenait pas de la largeur de sa langue ». Legalisation Of Cannabis? Aussitot tout le monde l’accable et il est condamne a mort. Essay For University? Morale de la fable : « Selon que vous serez puissant ou miserable, Les jugements de cour vous rendront blanc ou noir. Essay? ») Etude des arguments employes par le Renard pour trouver des excuses au Lion : 1) D’abord rappel de la situation de celui qui s’accuse ainsi : ce n’est pas n’importe qui, c’est le roi et, en realite, c’est ici l’argument essentiel de la defense menee par le renard ! 2) De plus, c’est une faute benigne que le Lion a commise car ceux qu’il avoue avoir manges sont de situation sociale si basse que ce n’est pas peche de les manger. 2007? Notons la faiblesse d’un tel argument qui ne s’appuie que sur la conviction de quelques-uns.

3) Quant au berger que le lion a mange, il meritait en fait son sort puisque, dans le monde des animaux, il n’est qu’un vil gardien. Legalisation Of Cannabis Discursive Essay? Vous remarquerez l’art de La FONTAINE qui montre volontairement le peu de valeur de ces arguments en escamotant toute discussion par la rapide prise de position de la foule qui ne cherche pas a etre convaincue par des arguments logiques mais qui est deja persuadee que le lion ne peut etre inculpe avant meme le discours du renard ! LECON 5 : LES FORMES DE RAISONNEMENT. On peut etre amene a contredire ou a refuter une these defendue par l’auteur. 2007? La refutation exige : de rejeter les arguments de l’adversaire en montrant leur faiblesse logique. de trouver des contre-arguments et des contre-exemples a la these de l’auteur. 1. Discursive? Rejeter les arguments de l’auteur. Vous pouvez prouver que l’auteur a tort en demontrant par exemple que son argumentation est fondee sur une reflexion erronee. Ainsi l’auteur peut avoir organise toute son argumentation autour d’une analogie qui n’a pas lieu d’etre faite. Othello's Flaw? Une analogie est la mise en relation de deux arguments qui appartiennent a des domaines differents, mais font penser l’un a l’autre parce que leur deroulement ou leur aspect presente des similitudes. Discursive? Le raisonnement par analogie est a la recherche d’une conclusion a partir de cette mise en relation.

Si vous pouvez prouver que cette mise en relation n’a pas lieu d’etre faite, vous detruisez alors toute l’argumentation de l’auteur, qui ne repose plus sur aucune base. Dans le raisonnement par analogie, l’auteur utilise une comparaison entre deux arguments. Assignment? Or, pour qu’une comparaison soit pertinente, il faut necessairement qu’il y ait un point commun entre les deux arguments. Of Cannabis Discursive? Si ce point commun est absent, l’analogie n’est pas valable. Essay For University? Par exemple, lisez l’analogie suivante : « Le despote exige une obeissance immediate comme une boule de neige jetee contre une autre a un effet mecanique » Pour detruire cette argumentation, il suffit de prouver l’absence de point commun entre une boule de neige et un despote ! Vous pouvez prouver que l’auteur a tort en demontrant l’absurde de son raisonnement. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? Certaines reflexions sont fondees sur un syllogisme c’est-a-dire un raisonnement qui consiste a tirer une conclusion a partir de deux propositions que l’on appelle les premisses (ne confondez pas avec l’homonyme premices !).

Voici un exemple de syllogisme logique : Tous les hommes sont mortels (premisse majeure evidemment constatee et irrefutable) Or Socrate est mortel (premisse mineure corroboree par les faits historiques) Donc Socrate est un homme (conclusion acceptee). Les syllogismes, pour etre justes, obeissent a des regles rigoureuses etudiees depuis l’antiquite par des philosophes comme Aristote. Toutefois il existe, en parallele avec les syllogismes, des sophismes qui presentent toutes les qualites apparentes d’un raisonnement rigoureux, mais qui en fait ne sont pas justes. Voici un exemple de sophisme absurde : Tous les chats sont mortels (premisse majeure irrefutable) Or Socrate est mortel (premisse mineure toujours aussi irrefutable) Pour refuter cette theorie, absurde dans la realite, mais mathematiquement vraie, que faire ?? Le raisonnement est sans faille, la majeure et la mineure sont vraies. Application For University? A vous, qui etes des mathematiciens de haut niveau, je demande une explication, mais sachez que depuis Socrate, on of cannabis discursive, cherche ! 2. In Term Paper? Trouver contre-arguments ou contre-exemples. Dans certains cas, ce n’est pas le raisonnement meme de l’auteur qui peut etre « attaque », mais les exemples grace auxquels il sous-tend sa reflexion. Discursive Essay? Si vous pouvez detruire les exemples, vous pouvez detruire toute l’argumentation, puisqu’une argumentation n’est valable que si elle est ancree dans des faits ou evenements concrets et reels.

Par exemple, dans une reflexion qui poserait le probleme de la legislation ou non de la drogue, un auteur pourrait prendre comme exemple le fait que la legislation aux Pays-Bas a permis une baisse de l’utilisation de la drogue. Sex Education Essays? Mais un lecteur attentif pourrait retorquer que, dans la meme situation de liberalisation des drogues, les chiffres pour l’Espagne prouvent exactement le contraire : depuis cette legalisation, le taux de toxicomanes reconnus en Espagne a augmente. Of Cannabis Discursive? Encore une fois, c’est votre culture generale et votre connaissance du monde actuel qui vous permettent un tel contre-exemple. Expliquez pourquoi le raisonnement suivant est faux : Mais les hommes ne sont pas des chiens. Redigez un texte d’une vingtaine de lignes dans lequel vous contesterez le raisonnement de RICHELIEU. Voici quelques pistes de methodes : refuter les deductions abusives. faire appel aux donnees scientifiques actuelles (nature / culture ; inne / acquis) faire appel a des valeurs superieures. « Tous les politiques sont d’accord que si les peuples etaient trop a leur aise, il serait impossible de les contenir dans les regles de leur devoir. Othello's? Leur fondement est, qu’ayant moins de connaissances que les autres ordres de l’etat beaucoup plus cultives et plus instruits, s’ils n’etaient retenus par quelque necessite, ils demeureraient difficilement dans les regles qui leur sont prescrites par la raison et les lois.

La raison ne permet pas de les exempter de toutes charges ; parce qu’en perdant en tel cas la marque de leur sujetion, ils perdraient aussi la memoire de leur condition, et que s’ils etaient libres de tribut, ils penseraient l’etre de l’obeissance. Discursive Essay? Il les faut comparer aux mulets qui, etant accoutumes a la charge, se gatent par un long repos plus que par le travail. Sex Education Essays? Mais, ainsi que ce travail doit etre modere, et qu’il faut que la charge de ces animaux soit proportionnee a leurs forces, il en est de meme des subsides a l’egard des peuples ; s’ils n’etaient moderes, lors meme qu’ils seraient utiles au public, ils ne laisseraient pas d’etre injustes. Ce texte est un sophisme qui presente toutes les apparences de la logique, mais qui aboutit dans sa conclusion a une absurdite evidente pour tous. Legalisation Of Cannabis Essay? La seule facon de prouver l’absurdite de ce raisonnement est de demonter l’apparente analogie entre hommes et chiens ! Il n’y a aucun point commun precis qui permette de faire cette comparaison, qui n’est donc fondee sur rien de reellement prouve. Othello's? De plus, les mathematiciens que vous etes travailleront peut-etre par le systeme des ensembles qui fait que l’on ne peut pas inclure hommes et chiens. Cependant ce raisonnement est deroutant dans la mesure ou il remet en question toute notre foi en la logique et notre esperance dans la reflexion dite « scientifique » qui nous permettrait d’acceder a la verite ! Tout d’abord ce texte se fonde sur un postulat, donc sur un argument qui n’a pas ete prouve : - Tous les politiques sont d’accord. - La raison ne permet pas de . Discursive Essay? (mais aucun argument ne prouve cela). RICHELIEU s’adresse a des gens qui sont convaincus que les gens du peuple sont incultes et incapables d’une reflexion logique. Example? Donc ce texte est ancre dans l’ideologie du XVIIeme siecle (RICHELIEU a vecu de 1585 a 1642). Legalisation Of Cannabis? Son argumentation repose donc sur une donnee socioculturelle particuliere qui peut etre aujourd’hui denoncee.

Nous savons maintenant, surtout apres les travaux de FREUD, que l’etre humain n’est que ce que la societe fait de lui, alors que RICHELIEU semble croire que l’homme est par nature inculte et inapte a la reflexion. 2007 R E Coursework? Nous en profiterons ici pour rappeler les etudes de Simone de BEAUVOIR, la compagne de Jean Paul SARTRE, sur l’importance de l’acquis par rapport a l’inne (« on essay, ne nait pas femme, on essay othello's, le devient » affirme-t-elle dans le Deuxieme Sexe en 1949). Nous pourrions ici detruire cette argumentation en rappelant que « les hommes naissent libres et egaux en droits ». Legalisation Of Cannabis? Mais il faut remarquer que, pour refuter la these de RICHELIEU, nous sommes amenes a trouver les contre-arguments dans le monde moderne. Sex Education Essays? Avait-il raison a son epoque ? Je laisse aux historiens le soin de repondre.